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Help Me Plan a Powerlifting Meet....


I'm in China, living and working (I'm from California). They have bodybuilding competitions out here, but no powerlifting meets.

I figured that should change...at least on this island/place I live.

It's all in the thinking/planning stage right now.

I don't know how to begin explaining it to you all, so...questions that provoke answers by me are certainly welcome as well as suggestions.



did you find a gym willing to let you use their facility/equipment? along with that- does said gym have decent equipment?


How are the strong chinese men going to get to know about your meet?


Some of this depends on federation- I am mostly familiar with APF and similar feds. You can get by with less but this what I recommend.

-lights or some other flag/card system for judges
-3 to 6 judges; mosre liek 6 if it will be a real long meet
-3 to 10 spotters/loaders depending on lenghtof meet and expected lifts
-someone to MC
-one or two people at the scorers table
-a PA system, maybe a CD player or ipod with music
-two or three monolifts; you can get by with one if you have only one flight, or if you have folks warm up in jack stands but it sucks having to warm up in jacks
-two or three decent squat bars
-two or three benches
-two or three general purpose bars
-at least one good deadlift bar
-DL platform
-some plywood 4 x 8s or rubber matting for warm up area
-set of plates for platform
-set of plates for warm up area


I WISH I'd equipment like that to warm up on.... Typically at Irish comps this is what we'll have (and it does the job well like);

2 general purpose bars in the warm up room
3-400kg in weight in the warm up room
2 makeshift platforms in the warm up room (plywood like)
350ishkg on the platform with a competition bar
competition rack and bench
2 plate holders
chalk box/bowl
6-8 sheets of layered plywood
3-6 judges
5ish spotters/loaders
Brush and mop to clean the platform
Wire Brush to clean the bar
Red/White cards for the judges
MC and someone running the computer/scorecards
Chairs etc for fans/supporters/judges/lifters

The above is sufficient to run a comp of about 60-80 lifters spilt across 6-8 flights. Makes for a long day, but runs pretty smoothly.


Sounds like it's time to hit a meet in the States the next time Yankee greenbacks go soft.


I have a few places in mind, primarily the one I train at.

As for the equipment...it's not great, but it'll work well enough, I think


We'll keep it primarily in this city/province...as such it'll be spread by announcements in gyms and sports stores. Not sure if we can get radio or other media spots as there are a lot of politics involved in those.


Pinto and Hanley:

Man, I don't think we'll be able to meet MOST of what either of you listed, to be honest. Thanks for all that.

I need to take a little time now to consider what kind of turn out there will be, as people who train out here primarily train to "look beautiful" (yes, even the guys say that). which means, of course, bodybuilding.

Just being strong (or: "strong") is a major minority out here.

Between the guys I know/know of who put up ok numbers and the guys I don't know of, I'd think the competition would be maybe 20 guys. OUt here...no way any girls lift. You're lucky if you get them to lift PINK dumbbells.


Pinto and Hanley have good lists there. The only suggestion I can make it to advertise 4-6mo ahead of time. That will give time for people to train for it as well as for the word to spread and for you to get everything ready.

Good luck!