Help Me Pick a Protein Powder

BiotechUSA iso whey zero black hv creatine n zinc
Allmax isoflex hvnt
Which 1 is better?
some one can tell me n y plz

If only there was a company that offered free forums AND top-tier supplements so we could stop these silly threads :thinking:


How about this?


Plz help me to choose


Im hk ppl ,hk hvnt this brand

Rotate the jars between 90-180 degrees and display the macros/ingredients. Otherwise you want us to grade the fonts and colors?

The red top is a nice touch on the Allmax

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I like the really sexy “X” on the IsoFlex. Hardcore. Conveys power and huge FFMI.

im sorry man


T Nation buddy help me plz :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Assuming you can’t order the Biotest product…

Your labels are incomplete. Here you go:

ALLMAX Nutrition - ISOFLEX Whey Protein Powder

Iso Whey Zero - Chocolate - Biotech by BiotechUSA


Take a look. Why should you go with the Allmax assuming the labels are correct (big assumption)? What are you paying per lb/kg for each one of these products?

Protein is protein. The quality of what you get depends greatly on the quality of the company making it… I wouldn’t stand here and rep other companies products when I can’t speak to the quality of them. Maybe their protein has been nitrogen spiked, maybe it hasn’t - who knows?

What I do know is that Biotest Metabolic Drive is great quality, made by great people, at a great company - and that their protein blend is one of the few that has both whey isolate and micellar casein. This all has benefits that (judging by your inability to spell) I’m not sure you fully grasp, or are that vested in grasping.

Maybe don’t show up at the BMW dealership asking whether you should buy Chevy or Ford.


This is a good point but I will play along assuming he can’t order BioTest in HK (Hong Kong?). Is that the case?

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Allmax n biotechusa in hongkong is same price
im lactose intolerance
These products are easy to buy in Hong Kong

That’s fine. I’m not answering the question as to which of those two are better because its pretty much all the same stuff regardless. There’s no good way to tell if a protein powder has been nitrogen spiked, or how good the bioavailability is, or even if any of the information on the nutrition label is accurate.

I don’t think it really matters what he buys… it’s just a protein powder, which should only ever be supplemental to a high-protein diet for BBing purposes.

thx bro u r so nice so can u tell me which 1 is better?
BiotechUSA iso whey zero black With 3000 mg of creatine and 315 mg of arginine per serving n Added zinc for optimal testosterone levels.
Allmax isoflex hvnt creatine n zinc
can u tell me which 1 better

thx u bro i know i look like a kid

They’re both junk with too much glutimate and aspartate.

So just write both of their names on each half of a piece of paper, spin it really fast on a flat surface,and stop it with your finger.

Which ever half your finger lands on wins!