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Help Me Pick a Program

I’ve been doing Doggcrapp for about 10 months and am just flat-out tired of hitting failure each set and PR’s. I literally get anxiety the night before thinking about what I need to hit the next day…and believe me, I ain’t that kind of guy normally.
Still, it’s been hugely beneficial; I’m way stronger and bigger. I’d like to do something that takes out the guesswork, helps me keep/gain strength/muscle while I clean up my diet. I stopped drinking and eating in the car (both are big contributors to my not being lean) and am certain that if I replace those calories with good sources, I’ll keep getting stronger/bigger.
I have 5/3/1 forever and beyond 5/3/1…had the 5/3/1 2nd edition on an Ipad that is gone. I’ve done BBB, BBB Challenge and Periodization bible before but all were in a garage gym. I still have that gym but also lift at a proper lifting gym; not a place with Purple machines.

FWIW, I just turned 58, 5’10" and weigh between 223-230 depending, calipers say 13.4%bf; probably closer to 16 actually. Strong compared to most, really strong for my age. Deads and Squats are tough on me as my hips get out of alignment easily and working on that with exercise /stretching now. I can use a Leg Press and Hammer Strength deadlift.

Thanks in advance y’all.

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I would suggest a 5’s PRO paired with FSL 5x5 or BBB, and superset with bodyweight assistance. It will do wonders for your overall conditioning and body composition. Choose assistance like inverted rows, pull ups (if you can), push ups, goblet squats, and straight leg deadlifts.

Conversely, try something like the Wendler Classic, where you just get in the main lifts and do weight vest work other days of the week. Both are great for guys that want to be more fit and aren’t as interested in pushing PRs all the time.

Last thing: if dead lifts beat you up try getting a pretty good volume of KB swings in a couple times a week. I’ve recently doing more swings, and it really works your posterior chain and is much “kinder” on the back and recovery. Also hits endurance and conditioning.


Thanks much. Yes, I want to do more than just lifting and what you’ve laid out makes a lot of sense. I’ll crack the books out and form a plan. Cheers

OK, so I’ve looked at the books and my past templates and going to do the BBB 3-month challenge for a couple reasons. It gets me back into 5/3/1, added volume, and I’ve done it/liked it before. Also, it keeps me on task and on one program for 3 months.

I would lower the TM and go with the original 5/3/1 with PR set and FSL use whatever lofts you need but lower your weight.