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Help Me Perfect My Diet

Hey guys, I’m not looking for validation, I want you to be harsh on me and help me perfect my diet. It’s designed for fat loss and it has been working very well over the last 6 weeks but I feel like it might be starting to lag a little bit and I may need to further improve it to help shed the last few pounds of fat I want to lose before I bulk again.

Calorie wise it’s great and comes in almost exactly 500 under maintenance.

Times are relative since I have a bizarre daily schedule

Wake up: Two servings of OF oats with an apple cut in, 1 cup egg whites + 1 whole egg omelette

Meal 2: Two pieces of flax bread w/ lean turkey deli meat

Meal 3: Salad (tons of lettuce or spinach) with ground beef or chicken breast, topped with salsa

Meal 4: Usually a chicken breast (skin on to transition from P+C to P+F) and a helping heaping of fibrous veggies

Meal 5: Leftover chicken breast from dinner rounded out with 2 tbsp of natty pb

Meal 6: 3 whole egg omelette with some additional protein on the side (have used regular bacon but tend towards pemeal)

Meal 7 (before bed): Can of tuna

This usually comes in macronutrient wise at 40 fat/40 protein/20 carbs, about 120g of carbs a day and over 200g protein (I weigh 180lbs).

Supplements: Just multivitamin and fish oil

Thanks in advance guys.