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Help me out with this one!

Alright, so my girl wants a tight tummy. LOL! Of course I can tell her to do what I do, but I don’t know if that’d be right for her. I mean, she’s like 5 '4, and weighs maybe 106 pounds. Very low body fat, so I don’t know what I’d tell her to eat. She has a flat stomach, but it’s not tight. I’m scared to tell her to start cutting carbs because she might get tiny! I don’t know. Any input would be appreciated.

tell her you like her soft tummy then make mad passioate love to her tummy to prove it. Then tell her that you’d be afraid to bed with Larra Flynn Boyle for the obvious ouch factor due to her insanely boney body and don’t want that to happen to her.

Go the other direction. Increase protein and have her lift heavy. I think her bw is a little low at 106#. My girl is also 5’4" but she’s a muscular 130#. Good abs, legs, and upper body.

Hey, I’m 5’4" and weight 123 and am at 11%. And when I drop weight (I compete at 117/118) for a competition - that seems like ALOT for me to drop! Your girl’s bodyweight seems way-low. I agree with a previous post to increase her protien - or maybe her overall caloric intake? What and how much does she eat during the course of a day? I train the same as my boyfriend - and as heavy (he’s 5’10" and is up to 167lbs - we’re building him up…) - and hard. But no one would doubt my feminine qualities! So, I wouldn’t fear your girl training harder - if the fear is “too” much muscle - it takes ALOT for that to happen. It actually might be beneficial for her to consider it. But don’t cut carbs. Big no no.

Ummm–I’m surprised nobody has mentioned abdominal exercises. If she has low body fat already and only wants to tighten things up, abs are the way to go in my opinion. But not the stupid rapid-fire mega abs. Slow, controlled, with good form. Then you might suggest she start eating. Her height and weight sound anorexic!

She’s not anorexic, just petite. She’s never been into lifting or anything and only recently asked me about it. I find it great that she’s actually interested so I’m just trying to jump at the oppurtunity of getting her into it. So no cutting carbs huh? Gotcha. She eats mainly candy, very bad diet. Candy and cold pizza. lol

Hey, I too eat candy. I either have a box of Mike n Ikes or some Red Vines - not EVERY day, but yeah, I eat the stuff. I have a tremendous sweet tooth. On the days i don’t eat the candy I make sure I have a cookie - a nice big chocolate chip or snicker doodle. I can get away with this - since I’m so active - however, 90% of my nutritional intake is from rock solid food. And I eat alot. I have to. Y’know you should do a search here on T-Mag for some good beginners weight training program so your gal can take a gander. That’d be cool.

You didn’t mention her age, but judging from her diet of candy and cold pizza I would assume that she is still a teen. She needs to eat and eat well. That would be the first thing you can suggest to her. My 12-year old daughter is 5’4" and weighs around 105. She is not considered petite–just skinny because she is still growing and hasn’t hit puberty yet. I’m assuming your girl isn’t 12 and has hit puberty? Petite usually means 5’1" and under.
Get her eating, lifting, crunching. Lay off the candy and get something healthy into her!

Ummmm… I’ll trade yu your 5’4 106 lbs girl… for my 5’1 180 lbs wife… and… i’ll even throw in my damn dog that just pissed on my workout bench! :slight_smile: