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Help Me Out With My TRT Protocol?


Alright, I think I willl maybe give my body a few weeks before I decide about HCG. I’m going to spend some more time reading about ai, and I hope I dont need it. but if I do, I will do as you guys havce suggested and use the bare minimum. My Estrogen was slightly higher then normal before TRT so im not sure how the 200mg of test a week will effect that.


Ya no clue. Nothing wrong with taking an ai if needed but there are just many ways to avoid it.

You really need to find a good trt doc. Not an endo or urologist who dabbles in it.


Listen to Systemlord on this one. He opened my eyes to what I am just now realizing was most likely my main problem. 1 big shot a week (later switched to 2) and later adding a 2 big shots of HCG in between. Only after boosting my T way too high, I added Anastrazol at 1mg 2-3x a week - another thing I am realizing was too high a dose. Basically the timing and dosing just had my levels skyrocket to roughly 1400 (before AI’s) then come tumbling back down again. Next run I’ll try 3-4 x per week injections sub q, tiny biy of AI and HCG.

Of course everyone reacts differently and it might take a little time to adjust your perfect dose,but if I can save you from having a roller coaster ride of hormone flux and shitty demeanor then I will.

Start with less, you can always bump up dosing as needed.


I personally liked HCG. It had no bad side affects for (for example I despise Chlomid) and as some others have suggested you can use less Cyp since your balls wake up and start pumping out some juice of their own. My levels shot up another 200-300 pts when I started HCG.

HCG Pro’s for me:
Simply aesthetic - eventually you end up with a shriveled sack on Cyp and it looks odd.
Mental - ejaculate dwindling down to a tiny drop just fucked with my head.
Some is comfort - My balls would pop up into me when I sat down funny or did squats, it was a disturbing feeling, not painful but just very unnatural feeling.


I would dial yourself in on your TRT protocol 1st and add HCG at a later date, otherwise there will be too many moving parts to analyze.

Sometimes HCG is more trouble than it’s worth.


Thanks for all of your help! Everyone has been so helpful here and it means a lot. I’m still undecided, but If I do decide to take HCG how would you recommend adding it in if I’m taking my test Sunday morning and Wednesday night?


That’s probably the best plan of action. I apologize for all the question, but I do appreciate you, and everyone taking the time to educate me. Since my SHBG was high to start, is me taking two doses of 100mg each, Sunday morning and Wednesday night ok? Or would you recommend EOD or something different? And if I add HCG a few months later, that wouldn’t be too late for fertility or anything like that, right?


Yah glad you said that. I hate saying don’t use it just becusse I had a bad experience.

Btw my boys barely shrunk.


How long did it take to have these issues with them going up and in! I can’t imagine ever dealing with that. What’s the Minimal amount you can take to keep them healthy?


I think for most guys it’ll take several months for them to start to shrink. At least it did for me. And when they do, its not like overnight but I just know I started to feel my sack tighten up and the testes themselves were noticeably a little smaller and my ejaculate was becoming thick and clumpy (sorry for the graphic description fellas, but I think it may help our friend out)

When to take it? Well…I should probably let someone else answer that. Though HCG worked well for me, I am learning more now AFTER my initial run with a TRT Dr. so I might not be the best at asking dosing schedule and so forth. I want to lean towards small doses of HCG at the start so as not to get atrophy at all. I do think its easier to maintain them than to regain them, esp since you’re on the T all year all the time. If you’re running a cycle lots of guys initiate HCG the last few weeks of their cycle until their last shot wears off to keep their levels up.

In full disclosure - I used HCG the last few weeks of a modest Test only cycle I did a few years back and did 1000iu 3 x a week, followed by 500iu EOD and an AI. That was me doing basic recovery and my testes blew back up to their previous size in about 2-2.5 weeks. The immediate boost was within day, I mean you’ll feel stuff “waking up” for lack of a better term.

The last time I tried HCG was with the TRT Dr. and I had a roller coaster (not because of the HCG, but because he wasn’t a good Doc) So I had to request HCG, then request AI, then start rebalancing my levels, it was just a show so I wouldn’t be doing you any favors to detail that schedule, it was fcked from start to finish. .