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Help Me Out With My TRT Protocol?

Hey guys I could really use some help with my TRT protocol. I am a 27 year old male, 6’5 235lbs. I have been consistently training, and tracking macros for the past 4-5 years. Over the last few years I have been experiencing what I now believe was low T. Things like depression, no sex drive, very weak erections, no drive or motivation, not to mention I feel that my progression in the gym has been stalling. I decided to finally get blood work, and while I do not remember the exact numbers at the moment (I am at work) I do remember roughly what they were.

Total test = 450ish
SHBG = 67
Estradiol = high 40s

My doctors protocol is

Mon = 200mg Test
Tue, Wed, Thurs = 1mg each day of anastrozole
Fri & Sat HCG.

From everything I have read this is a bad protocol. I believe the ai is far too high and the Test would be better split into two doses. I was wondering if someone here could please recommend me a better protocol or at least tell me one that works for you so I can have a better idea on how to do this. Thank you so much for all of your help!

The AI dosing is horrible, it’s too high. Some are over responders to AI and need a small fraction, I hyper respond on only 0.050. You have feel off by weeks end, in that case you would need two injections per week. Also these large injections causes estrogen spikes, breaking the injections into smaller dosage lowers estrogen.

I imagine you’ll need multiple injections per week do to the slightly high estrogen if you want to run high normal Total T levels which is where you should be.

The AI dosage is near that for a women that has been diagnosed with breast cancer which is 1mg AI everyday or every other day. You want osteoporosis, these protocols will get you there quick.

You want the best advice, inject 30mg EOD and no AI and find a new doctor asap. If E2 becomes a serious problem take 1/4 AI once or twice weekly. You should be using 27-30 insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

Run from this F****** doctor!


Holy crap. Dr is bad.

Did you get other labs. You are fairly young and should thoroughly investigate cause.


Other labs.

Like :
Thyroid panel
Lipid panel
Weight loss?
Metabolic panel

These labs help dx possible testicular, thyroid, adrenal pituitary diseases.

BTW a good starting dose is 100 mg once a week.

Hard to know if that protocol is good for you or not. Some guys are better on once a week, some guys are better more often. 200mg may be sky high for you, or not enough. That being said… I’d sooner hit myself with a stick than take that much anastrozole out of the gate. It won’t hurt you (probably) to try injecting the T and nothing else to start. IF you bloat and get sides of high E2, add in some anastrozole. 1/2 a pill or even 1/4 pill twice a week or EOD to start. If you don’t bloat, wait and see what your next blood test says. HCG is a personal choice and all about maintaining fertility and ball size, if those two things matter to you. It’s usually better to take only one new thing at a time and see what it does.

That’s exactly what I was afraid of. I’m very new to this, so I am trying to ask as many questions as possible so I do not mess up my body. The needles he gave me are 23g 1 inch, and I injected into my glute on Monday. Is that needle to short for glute injections? I think I’m going to try no ai at first and see how I feel. If needed, should I take ai the day of injection, or the day after? thank you again for all of your help!

The glutes, that’s old school, no one does that anymore. You hit the sciatic nerve and you’ll find a new level of pain.

would that still be an ok way to do it, at least for now? I’m not sure if I could inject in my thigh yet, especially with what I have read about hitting nerves ect.

Don’t want to hit a nerve, that’s why we inject in the shoulders and quads.

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The thigh is significantly easier, and less dangerous. And try to find a smaller pin, those 23’s get to you after a while.

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yes he did do all of that actually, and went over it with me pretty thoroughly, I will try to get a picture of it and post it here. I do remember him telling me those things all seemed to be in the normal range. I have never done any steroids, and only medications I take are Multi, Fish oil, Pre-jym & post jym. Occasionally I take Protein powder but I try to get my macros from whole foods.

It’s funny you sent those, the night I injected I actually watched and subbed to that guys channel. I eventually will try the thigh, but pinning in my glute actually wasn’t bad at all, so I might try to stick with that until my anxiety comes down from all of this.

That is a personal thing, but there is no rush. You might find that it cranks up your E2, but that the Test does not, hard to know that if you start them both at the same time.

Also, I think I’m going to see how my body reacts without ai for a few weeks so I was wondering would me splitting my dose of 200mg of test into two doses 100mg Sunday morning, 100mg Wednesday night be ok? and then if ai is needed I could take .25mg the day after each injection?

Splitting the dose is individual. Personally, I like twice a week. Some guys are complicated and need different. And taking the ai when you inject is the easiest way to do it if you need one.

Yes but ai can be taken day of or after depends how your body metabolizes it. Some folks notice the injection fast others day after.

alright thank you. This is going to sound like another stupid question but the HCG my doctor gave me says “11000iu” and he told me to put 5 1/2 of bacteriostatic water into it, and when I inject HCG to fill the syringe to 25 units. How much HCG is this? I don’t think I’m going to take the HCG but I do have it, and I did pay for it so I’m still not sure. Also, if I were to take it, when would be the best time? Thank you again for all of your help, and taking the time to explain things.

Seriously? Most do hip or thigh. He’s 6’5", 235lbs. With a 1 in needle he’d have a difficult time hitting the sciatic nerve if he tried to hit it.

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hi just one more question if you do not mind, if I decided to take the HCG when would you recommend me taking it? I’m going to take 100mg Test Sunday mornings, and 100mg test Wednesday night. just wondering how i should work in HCG in case I decide to. Thank you!

hi I wanted to thank you for your answers and taking the time to help me out. I was wondering if you do not mind would you answer one more question? My doctor also prescribed me HCG, and I’m unsure if I should take it or not. I was wondering what is your opinion on this? He had me add 5 1/2 of bacteriostatic water and told me to fill syringe to 25. I’m suppose to do that twice a week.

Oh yikes I can’t remember I think they had me take it the day after my shot. It works fast.

Trust me when I say don’t use HCG . You don’t need it … plenty of folks will tell you that it’s much easier to dial in your therapy with just one variable - being cypionate.

When you want to have kids tell your doc a couple months before and start trying. Once pregnant stop it.

I took HCG and I felt like hell. My head felt like it was going to pop. I was so depressed and jsut out of it. Many guys report the same.

On the other hand there are guys who like HCG but I think it’s becsuse they are on anti estrogen. Like anstrazole.

Make the decision. Do I want to try and dose without ai and let me my body dictate natural estrogen levels. Or do I want to be taking this medicine for all my life while on trt. If you take the medicine then go for it.

If you read up on estrogen and no ai you’ll figure out quickly why most of us only use it as a last resort. Even the guys who are taking it microfose like .25mg weekly.

I am still new to this just have some knowledge. I’ll tell you I started HCG even though folks suggested not to. Now I’m also suggesting not to.