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Help Me Out Here

Here’s the situation. My girlfriend and I have just started having condomless sex (after we tested clean), and she told me that my semen gives her a burning sensation inside. Actually, I’m the first guy who she’s ever let finish inside her, so there’s no way to know if its unique to me.

What could be causing this? Could it be the pH of my stuff, and if so how would I remedy that? Is there anything else that can be done? (Just to head off any such response, I have already considered the whole “stick it in her ass option,” so no need to rehash that here). Thanks.

We’re talkin’ yeast infection here, buddy. Get some over-the-counter medicine to take care of it.

First off, it could just paranoia on her part. Also, a woman’s vaginal secretions tend to be slightly acidic while semen is slightly alkaline. I doubt either is strong enough to generate any kind of heat when combined. I’d have her go to her gynecologist to make sure everything’s ok. Disclaimer: I’m no doc…not to be construed as medical advice. --Alex

Karma, any insight?