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Help Me Out Guys


At the beginning of my junior year of HS I was about 275lbs at 5'8-5'9. I was pretty much a huge blob and was pre diabetic. I decided to cut the fat off of me through starvation and cardio (I had no idea what I was doing at the time). From about October of 2008 to late March of 2009 I dropped down to 165. Thats when I discovered T Nation and learned about nutrition and what to do as far as training.

While being the fat ass that I was, at one point I ended up putting on about 50lbs of fat in one summer. Once I dieted down I noticed my skin in the lower abdomen area was a bit loose. Nothing too bad IMO but still loose. So a little over a year later I'm training hard and solid nutritionally.

My goals are: To get bigger and stronger without becoming a complete fat ass again. I know that to make solid gains both in the areas of strength and size you have to gain fat. That does not bother me, I just don't wanna see myself be obese again lol.

The thing is, I'm not sure if I'm ready to embark on my pursuit of beastliness without first leaning out more. I may already be lean enough but its hard for me to tell. Abs are not a huge thing for me but if I am going to put on fat while I get bigger wouldn't it be better to be relatively lean before I start? I have upper abs and other signs of relative "leanness" in other areas but I keep going back and forth with myself. Once I start eating for mass I'm not going to stop for at least a couple of years.

As far as loose skin, I know it's there because when I bend down it hangs a bit. I could be wrong and the case could be that I simply hold fat differently. If it is loose skin, I don't really care I guess I can fill it out by getting bigger. If it's fat then thats good too I guess because it can be dieted down.

Tell me what you guys think, critique/comment or tell me I'm a dumbass haha. I don't wanna seem like the other skinny guys that come on here scared to lose their pretty six pack to put on some real size and increase their numbers.



Posting pics is a pain lol








Oops forgot legs...


You're lean enough, put on some size. Good luck.


Keep a food log and start adding some mass, i like the idea of set points. Go up 5-10lbs then hold it for a month to a month and a half (which you will be able to do since you will be keeping a food log) then repeat the process. Make sure lifting numbers are going up too. Stick to whole foods as much as you can.


Man, congrats on losing all of that weight. Work on gaining some size now - that loose skin isn't going anywhere.. and it isn't that much anyway.

Good job though man, your head is in the right place, keep it up.


Eating clean food and knowing what to eat when is not an issue, just needed to know what you guys thought as far as what I should be doing next. Good advice though, thanks man.


Thanks man, the loose skin doesn't bother me that much, I know I'll fill it out eventually.


If anyone else has any input feel free to chime in.


some advice...

  • get as strong as possible and aim to make strength progresses every week in the 6-12 rep region...

  • eat high protein intake...over 1.5g x bw...

  • control your carb intake...but don't eliminate carbs or you will not grow as fast...

  • train like a bodybuilder....meaning train every bodypart...don't neglect anything...aim to be strong everywhere

  • nobody can tell you what is best for you...it's something that you will have to figure out through trial and error over yrs of training...

I suggest you read some posts by some of more respected posters like cephallic_carnage and professor X...go to the training logs section and look at how some of the more sucessful guys on here are training(alpha, waylanderxx, austin, ebomb, etc)...


Thanks dude, great advice.


Great job on the weight loss and good luck with your goals in the future!