Help me out dawgs

I recently decided to get my life together. This includes my training,my diet, my school, everything. I have a juvenile problem though. To get my life in order, I have to deal with a situation that i have no clue what to do:A woman that i greatly care about. We have everything in common and we flirt a good amount. What do you guys think i should do about this?

Grab your left nut and ask her out. If you don’t you will lose the opportunity. Don’t be a dumb ass, a “No” is far better than wondering if you ever had a chance.

Take her on the Journey with you, Bro…that’s love…

What is the problem? What is your question? I am going to assume from the question that you are VERY young. Depending on your age I would give different information if you are under the age of 16 years old forget about it you think you understand frustration you do not need that until you are mature enough to handle it. If you are over 16 grow a pair and ask her out. If you are over 18 You should be able to ask your question better than that so go back to get edjumicated.

Just do the deed, wear you lucky pants and ask her out. Think of it as an elastoplast, rip it off fast and the pain is over and done with, and either youve got a healed wound or a bloody mess(which is nice), if you do it slowly, its just drags on. If she a friend and she says no, she’ll be cool, and if she isnt then shes, well, not cool. Think about it like this, everything in you life you are going to sort, and this is pivotal in your mind. If you dont just pick up the phone, meet her or whatever it WILL eat you up, as it is now. Dude, think Nike, just do it - or read some of the atomic dogs; phrases that may be of use are ‘who gives a shit’ and ‘what the fuck’, and in 50 years time, who’ll give a damn, eh? You might end with a nice surprise, aaaaight. Cheers

Listen to Dannyboy! He is 100% on the money.

geyzer, do it. dont waste any more time - soemone else will get in there. simple.

Knuckledragger, i told u it wasa juvenile question u fool. As to the rest of you guys i deeply appreciate your advice. Thankyou

go after her and tell her you like her. what are you waiting for? laters pk