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Help me make Special Forces!

This isn’t really a question to the military men out there, but more to those who understand how to time one’s training. I have a 5 day selection process coming up on April 6th, which is physicall hell. Now, I’ve been training for quite a while now, but for the past month I’ve been running (HIT, intervals, sprint, long distance, sand dune runs) for 6 times a week, and lifting weights for 2-3 sessions. No, I don’t feel burnt out. Here’s my question- I’m going skiing between the 15th-22nd of March (next saturday). I’m thinking that I could give my body a bit of a break while I’m there. My plan is to ski 6-8 hours a day, and do some sprints on the mountain in the mornings 3-4 times. Once I come back, I’ll bust my ass like never before until April 2nd, and then completely rest. My question is related to whether I should start resting earlier/later, and whether it’s wise to keep training when I’m skiing, or give my body a complete rest, and then come back strong for the reamaining 2 weeks I have. Thanks for your input.

I like the way you describe your approach. It does sound like you could put a little more planning into how you go about “busting your ass like never before”! After your ski trip I would gradually increase the volume and intensity to a peak about a week or so before you leave and then cut back for a few days and then have about 2-3 days full rest. You should be good to go!

While on your ski trip you could also try joint mobility workouts. ( Super Joints from Dragon Door ) I do these when the army has me really busy and a regular workout might tax me too much for the job at hand. Plus they are good to just get the blood flowing in the morning. Also stretching in the evenings can also be enough to keep the suppleness in your muscles during your time away from regular training. I am not really a coach or anything just stuff i have found works for me when the army gets me too busy to train the way i want or i get a little burned out.