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Help Me Lose Fat & Gain Strength

Hello im a 5’9 224 pound sophmore in high school and im trying to cut weight I wanna be down to 190 atleast and I wanna get stronger at the same time but I don’t know what type of diet and what type of workout I should do I mean I bench 155 and squat 315 but im really not improving so if you have anything work out programs and diets that could help me I really appreciate your help


1, What exactly are you not progressing on? Strenght gains? Muscle Mass? Fat loss?

2, Detail your diet

3, Detail your current program.

Remember, that after a certain period of training [post newbie-ism], you will be unable to gain muscle and strength while seriously cutting, unless you are hugely genetically gifted. You should ask yourself if you have enough muscle on your frame to cut, or if you would prefer to bulk further before cutting down while maintaining as much of your muscle as possible.

don’t get tagled up in all the systems and jargon.

Eat less, think about food less, move more, exercise more. Focus on becoming athletic and fit. In time everything will fall into place all by itself. Most importantly don’t do it to reach a vanity goal, your goal should be to have fun. if fitnes is fun to you, you’re guaranteed to make progress.