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Help Me Lose Body Fat


Hey guys I am sorry that this post is going to be so long, but I have a lot to say. I started out in december of 07 waning to lean for summer. Well this did not happen like I wanted it to, so I decided to gain some muscle (to increase metabolism) . I started at 185 lbs with 12% bf at a heighth of 6'1. I did more or less a ketogenic diet with lots of veggies. about 3 months later I was 200 lbs with 14% bf.

I was satisfied and thought now is the time to finally get down into the single digit bf for the first time in my life (have always had excess fat, and always wanted hard tight abs). I lowered the kcals little by little and got down to 12% in about 2 months that was 3 months ago and I am still at the same exact weight no matter how much I cut kcal or how much cardio or what kind of cardio. I have tried a week at above maintenance thinking that maybe my metabolism was to low it didnt work. Now I will tell you what I have been doing to lose the weight.

I gained muscle on around 2700 kcal a day of good fats and some saturated, had at least 4 servings of veggies a day(even though I hate broccoli). I started cutting at 2500 then after a month down to 2200 then to 2000 stayed there for a while and just increased cardio. did not see results so lowered the kcal still not seeing results so lowered it more. Then did a week at above maintenance, didnt help. I have a carb refeed 1 every 2 weeks sometimes 1 time a week of mostly good carbs (whole grain, fruits, etc). I am currently on 1700 kcal

My workouts are as follows:
Mon: Full body Chins, deadlift, squat, overhead presses, pushups, rows Etc( mostly compound stuff except for the arms. Always swap exercises from day to day) 45-60 min. 20 min. low intensity cardio
Teu: HIIT 20 min.
Wed: Full body 45-60 min low intensity cardio
Thur:HIIT 20 min
Fri: Full body 45- 60 min 20 min low intesity cardio
Sat: pushups, squats, bearpies 10 rounds of 10
Sun: off

Please if there is any advice please let me know I am getting discouraged. I have tried for so long to get the look I want, and have not got it. I would appreciate any advice.


I'd try one of those full body circuit routines such as EDT for fat loss, RFFL, etc. and then do 15-20 mins of low to moderate intensity cardio right after. I am in a similar boat, BF % and wgt-wise, have been following EDT as stated above and I am following a lower carb diet cycling between 1800-2200 kcals/day and the weight is just falling off (198-193 in about 5 days) obviously some water, but the "gut line is already starting to disappear and the pants fit better. Remember to keep your rest periods between sets as short as possible-aim for around 30 seconds or less.

It WILL be difficult, but I assure you, it works-your body becomes a fat incinerating furnace when you work out that way and it stays elevated for up to 39 hours afterwards-there are credible studies out there that have proven that. Just my 2.


I appreciate the advice. What do you think of my cardio schedule? Should I be doing more than just the 20 min HIIT for that day. Not necessarily more HIIT, but maybe some low intensity cardio or sports.


Obviously, the more activity you incorporate, the better (as long as you are eating enough) for fat/weight loss. I think 20 mins looks fine, it just depends on the method use use for it....something like a five minute warmup then 30-45 seconds as hard as you can, then 1 min to 90 seconds low intensity and so on for about 10 intervals/reps and then conduct a 5 min cool off. That is what I have employed and enjoyed with great success!