Help Me Lose a Lot of Weight

Hey guys,

I’m actually posting this not for myself, but a friend of mine who wants to lose weight. He has a lot of weight to lose, not just the simple bellyfat like most teens go crazy over. He is doing some form of GPP a couple days a week and asked me to design a 2 day split for him for lifting. I realize that he might not have access to a spotter so I tried to minimize lifts that required it. Tell me what you think:

Deadlifts 3x5
Dumbbell Bench 5x5-8
Dumbell Bent over rows 3x8 (alternate between each hand)

Dumbbell or Barbell Military press 3x5-8
Squats 3x5
Barbell curls 3x8

He only has two days where he can lift?

It seems like a reasonable program.

Won’t gain a ton of muscle, but should put on some strength for him.

It might make sense to do a more circuit-style weight training if maximum fat-loss is the goal.

Also, learning the Olympic lifts and variations would be reccommended. He doesn’t have to learn the full lift, just the power parts. Oly lifts burn more calories faster than any other lift.

What kind of GPP is dude doing? There’s a big difference between doing three miles of roadwork, dragging a sled, using a sledgehammer, swinging a kettlebell, etc.

Dan “Olympic?” McVicker

Yeah, he can only lift 2 days a week. I believe its an excuse (he’s embarrassed to be in the gym). I really wanted to get him into either high rep olympic lifting or kettlebell lifting, but he doesn’t seem to like anything different. It’s a shame too cause I love kettlebells, purchased 5 of them. Saying that he did GPP may be a bit incorrect, sorry about that. He will be doing things like Mike Mahler’s HOC. I couldn’t convince him for the life of me to even try sled dragging…

Circuit style seems to be a good choice.

I think its a shame that these kind of things happen to people. They are so inactive and their diets are so out of control they danger their health. As long as he’s motivated and trains, he should definately improve.