Help Me Lean Out

Hello Ladies! I am so happy to have found this group! Bron, you are amazing! I’d like some advice on a few areas if you please…

First, I’ve been a Crossfitter for about 2 years but recently purchased a program from Ashley Horner which is more of a traditional style of lifting. I find myself missing the big lifts on a daily basis but feel that crossfit offers that most days. I struggle with ways to combine the two programs since I really enjoy both. The only cardio I do is through the Met-Cons or AMRAPS. Do you think I need to just pick one program?

Currently, I’m doing a week of Crossfit and a week of isolation (Monday: chest and back, etc)…will this produce the results I’m seeking? I’m looking for overall strength gain but I feel as though I still have some “fluff” around the middle. I’m 38 years old, 5’4", 115 at 20% bf but still don’t have that “cut” appearance that I desire. I’m currently eating around 1800 calories with a 40p/40c/20f split or 182g of protein and carbs, and 41g of fat. I’m currently trying to eat my carbs around my workouts. I have tried Indigo but didn’t see any results. Should I pair it with something? I’m not currently taking a fat burner because I’ve never found one that seems to work.

What suggestions would you have for my nutrition and workout plan? What supplements should I be taking? Thanks in advance for your time and for starting this forum!