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Help Me Interpret Blood Test

I am 19

Really cannot say much without some background.

However, looking at the results, I’d repeat prolactin and thyroid and add a reverse T3 test.

If those results are all you have, I would also look into adding CMP, lipids, IGF-1, DHEA-S, FSH, VitD, CBC. Maybe others, hard to day without history.

I am 19, been training for 4 years, took two injections of sustanon then stopped, low T symptoms

You need a thyroid panel to investigate what’s causing very high TSH, high rT3 and or low fT3 is likely the cause. Sometimes thyroid dysfunction doesn’t show up well on labs because it only shows what’s going on in those few hours of the blood draw which is only a snapshot of something that’s constantly moving.

I believe the reason TSH is elevated is because TRT is attempting to restore metabolic rates and your already underperforming thyroid can’t keep up. Low T and low thyroid mimic some of the same symptoms.

Tests needed:
Free T3
Free T4
Reverse T3

could high TSH be a reason why my test is below optimal for my age?

No it isn’t, TSH is a thyroid stimulating hormone separate of testosterone production. Your doctor missed testing rT3 which could explain high TSH. You must test fT3 together with rT3, you can’t test them separate because the compete for the same receptor and they are two halves of the same coin.

Alright, any comments about my total test and free test for my age? really thinking of jumping on test E cause i feel like fucking shit like this.

TRT will not work if you have thyroid problems, you will be unable to metabolize testosterone do to a lower metabolism, therefore improvements will be non-existent or little improvements in symptoms.

I don’t see any ranges for Free T, so it’s difficult to comment. Your issues may be from a thyroid problem and not testosterone related.

Last question if I do these blood tests and I appear to have hypothyroidism, it will explain my fatigue, laziness, depression and trouble concentrating?


Yes, it could.

would it be foolish of me to jump on test E 500mg a week for 12 weeks right now. tired of feeling hopeless…

You have hypothyroidism indicated by TSH, TRT won’t work. I expect more worsening of symptoms because TRT will demand more from a thyroid that is already struggling.

I’m on TRT with Total T of 496, Free T at the top and SHBG at 22. You don’t have a testosterone deficiency, your Free T according to the SHBG calculator is 2.80 %, 2-3 percent is normal and yours is near the top.

TRT won’t do anything for those with ideal Free T percentages, so it would be stupid, foolish to jump on TRT considering it will do nothing for you expect make you feel worse.

I understand. When competing in the 70s and 80s, we would typically take 200-600mg per week. Granted, that was stacked on oral anabolics, maybe nandrolone, maybe injectable Winstrol.

Foolish? I don’t know, guys do that all the time with results that make them very happy. But you won’t be doing TRT, you’ll hit supraphysiological levels.