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Help Me Improve Squats


I haven't done legs for about a month, but I did do them last week and I'm going to keep doing them. Can someone please help me improve on doing them? I go below parallel as it is but having that, I only squat 135..... I hear the term " squats & milk "... Elaborate someone. So just drink lots of milk and do legs like, 2 times a week or what? Someone help me out here.


Bro you told us your prob you havent done legs and now done them once. What you need to do is simple. just keep doing them really thats it just keep being consistent and they will grow. You have to rest and eat as well. Eating is where the milk comes in. Milk is just an easy way to get in the desired nutrients to grow.



Hahaha I've never heard anything about milk helping your squats in particular. I drink milk because its nutritious, has protein and other vitamins. Thats besides the point.

Just keep banging them out. Do em 3 days a week. 1st day 5x5s, second day work on form, box sqauts 5x2 with lighter weight, work on speed, and the last day do em again, maybe doubles or triples, work at 85-90% if you can. GHR seems to help out alot too if your gym has one.

Anyway make a routine yourself thats whats worked best for me, modifying other routines. And you can do them 3 days a week. The best way to get your squat up is not leg press, or any other machine, its to SQUAT! Hope it helps.


Squats are going to be hard if you only do them once every month or so. Squat more.


"Squats & milk" is an old routine that has been resurected lately. It is based on unscientific principles that make no sense today. 20 rep squats are just stupid and milk is not the best source of protein.

Do a program like ss847859 suggested and eat properly.


I wouldn't recommend a 20-rep squat program to a beginner for sure, but I wouldn't call them "stupid" - I've gained a lot off of high-rep squatting routines.




Unilateral movements in conjunction with squats are a good idea to increase joint strength/flexibility. They should also help your stability while you squat.

After a squat workout, do some walking lunges across your gym floor. Hold the last couple at the bottom for a 5 count if you can. Enjoy walking for the next week.



I love when I get to use one of my fav articles in a post.


if you really want to get the form down, squat often.

Not with weight, just your body. Do it daily. All the time.

Focus on sitting back. the goblet squat really helped me get form down and learn to sit back. then it was just a matter of going deeper.


It's a poor choice of words. Lets just say they are less than optimal.


You can easily set up a squat routine. In the beginning I would just go with a simple 5x5 program. You can easily find them online or if not just send me a pm, I'll help you out. And then if you really want to squat a lot, then concentrate only on squatting for a while. Maybe for 6 weeks. You will see that not only your squat numbers will go up. But also you will see that you are gaining mass.