Help Me Improve My Current Program

Ok so my current split looks like this, im sure it can be improved alot so any pointers or recommend a new program to start next Week. Im limited for time on tues/thurs workout.


Bench Press variation 3x5
Lat pulldown Variation 3x6-8
Chest fly’s 3x6-8
Rolling triceps extension/french press 3-6-8
Chest supported rows 3x8-10


Front Squats 3x3
Snatch grip high pulls 5x3


Weight pull ups/chins up 3x5-8
Overhead press/Dumbell overhead 3x5-8
Bent over rows 3x5-8
Dips 3x5-8
Curls of some sort 3x6-8
Facepulls 2x12-15


Squats 3x5-8
Good mornings 3x5-8
Ab raises 3 sets to failure

Two weeks ago you were in week 5 of a 12 week program. Is this his program?

Why don’t you finish what you started?

What did you get from the answers you got so far?

Consistency will get you farther.

Firstly Good memory. No it not his program, I wasn’t making good progress like i should have been so i have resorted back to my old program and would like help changing a few things please.

5 weeks into a program and you determined you weren’t making good progress? Seems kinda hasty.

It doesnt matter what your program looks like.

You will get better results with a bad program and being consistent, then the “perfect” program that will change every 5 weeks.

Stop blaming the program and take a look a yourself.

Heard loud and clear sir.