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Help Me Im Shrinking


I'm staying in the town of my college for the summer and just getting settled in, but over the past two weeks I've probably lost at least 10 pounds. I attempt to cook enough for myself, but find that I just can't get into the kitchen often enough, and I'm trying to stay on a budget. One idea I have is preparing all of my food in advance, say on a sunday, then warming it up throughout the week. This may be the best option, but then the next question is WHAT DO I COOK? I'm swim and workout daily so I need a LOT of calories, especially considering I already have a rocket speed metabolism.

I need advice on:
1. Foods to buy for a balanced, filling diet, given price and preparation time restraints
2. Methods of storage, how to stay consistent with meals

Even if you just recommend some specific articles to look at, I would appreciate it!


Don’t be a pussy. You simply need protein and calories. Or MILK & EGGS as we refer to them here. On sunday cook chicken breasts and an assload of rice. Place everything for the next three days in small tuppers and freeze the rest. For sauce use ketchup with some parm or whatnot, whatever you like. Six meals every single day, and don’t forget vegetables/greens drinks.


This is all you need:
Chicken breasts/hamburger meat
Protein shakes
Apples/other fruit you like/orange juice
Rice is cheap
Oatmeal is cheap
and can’t forget the best food ever, peanut butter.