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Help Me... I'm Chubby!


I've been reading this site for a couple months now, but this is my first post. I feel a little overwhelmed by all the info, and I would appreciate any advice you might have for me.

Here's the deal. I'm 25, 5'7", and about 205lbs. I used to workout regularly in high school and college, but about two years ago I sort of stopped. I also started drinking more - a lot more. I went from a fairly muscular 180 pounds to my current tubby little bitch 205 pounds. Right now, I can still Bench Press about 225, Squat about 250, and Deadlift 360. Not good, but not that bad either, considering I stopped working out regularly.

Also, my diet is pretty bad. I tend to eat clean, very low carb for about three days, and then binge on junk food for about three days. I have extremely bad eating habits. I eat junk food when I'm drunk or hungover, when I'm sad, when I'm happy, etc... I'm like a fat teenage girl.

I feel very bad about myself most of the time. I hate being chubby. So, I really want to lose this fat - fast. I also want to fix my eating habits. Finally, I'd like to raise my squat max so it is closer to my deadlift. I have always had terrible form on the squat, but I over the last couple months I have worked on my squat form. I can now do a nice ass-to-grass squat.

I was thinking about going on the Velocity Diet. It seems like it would help me lose fat quickly and help me break my bad eating habits. Do you guys think it is right for me? Also, I'm not sure what sort of workout I should do on the V-Diet. I know I shouldn't expect to make big gains on a diet (especially this one), but my squat is so weak, I feel like I might be able to increase my squat MAX with my new proper form, even on this diet.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. Any opinions about what specific diet and exercise routine for someone in my situation would be greatly appreciated.


Man, first off I'd say you should just look to the basics! You're drinking, you're binging on shit, and you're looking for a specialty diet to help? Start by cutting down on, or even removing, the blatant errors before you look for the really tuned-up stuff.

The binging on booze and junk may be due to hormonal shifts... which in turn may be due to the binging. It's a horrible cycle. You need to break it if you're going to find a successful path.


C'mon man. You know what you have to do or at least have an idea. You're probably just looking for a magical recipe of training/nutrition that will make it easier and produce results.


Don't feel too bad though 85% of America don't know what those words mean either.


Start with the 7 habits... an article by Berardi.

Until you can manage that, what is the point of trying for some super-duper diet? Watch what you eat and do a serious workout and you'll be on the right track in no time.

Don't be looking for a quick fix! While this isn't what you want to hear, it is what you need to hear.


vroom, send this guy your testosterone manifesto for newbies.


Hey listen is very simple. I know you can't just stop your bad habits one from day to the other. I am 20 and 220, i am muscular but i always fought the battle against chubbyness, and it is a battle of will until you build good habits.
Now you do not need to stop dirnking, but moderate it, go from drinking daily to on weekends, instead of trying a velocity diet, try a diet that will give fill you. If you feel the need to eat junk food chances are you have not gotten enough food.

ok so you want to lose fat...

1) let's see you have to lower your caloric intake you weight 205, that means you have to eat less than 2460 calories and no less than 1600. I would recommend aiming for 2000 calories a day.

2) Go to fitday.com it is a free place that keeps chekc of how much you eat, and does the math for you. The membership it's free.

3) You need to go to the gym and have a program (i am not good on gym programs) and then you need to have cardio, preferable have some cardio only days.
Now for cardio i recommend 30 min non stop high intensity training, you can make it fun by 5 min bycycle at your highest speed, rest one min, 5 min running on treadmill, rest one min, jumping from both feet on the floor to a bech for 2 min, rest one min, then push ups 30 sec (non stop and at fast peace) rest 20 sec....and you get the idea.

Gym willbuild lean muscle, cardio will burn fat. Both gym and cardio will burn fat but they are different on the ways they achieve that, combining them both will guarantee success.

4) Food eat 5 times day actual food (chiecken breats with brocoli, one boiled egg, a slice of bread and iced tea), replace white bread for wheat bread, do not sucumb to macdonalds, make a small cheating day (cheating day does not means you will eat what you want... it means you eat just like a regular day and if you are still hungry then you eat a donut or two). Remember that it takes your brian 20 min to tell your body you are full so keep that in mind, the 20 min rule.

5) Many people commit the mistakes of undereating thinking you will lose weight fast,,, but your body being so cautios sends a signal to you telling you you are starving and guess what happens...your 3 days of junk food happens so just be conscious we have all gone trough something like that just try to make some right choices and do not ask for miracles diets or anything like that. Pure will and strnght overcome everything.

I am good at carido progs i can help you in there if you want but it won't be easy. You can pm if you need enything else.


This post as well as the other above have you headed in a pretty damn good place. I really like vromms telling you to nail these first.
7 Habit

Then the above pretty good id make a few changes.

1) the calorie guidline LIL or IMO a LOT low recomending 2000 to someone who lifts and is active. NO WAY Any ANY male IMO that lifts etc should NEVER have to dip below 2000. well maybe for a quick ass contest diet coupled with anabolis to preserve LBM but NO Id not go near that low.

Id go for T dawg guidlines to start and go for about 2700+ a day and hell probably just nail the seven habits first and see where that gets you along with lifting etc. It will do a ton if you are consistant.

2) great builds good habits I just used a notebook and in no time memorized the amounts of k/cals in food but whatever works

3)gym and cardio Pick a good program Id day getting back in it go for a total body like TBT or upper lower ABBH was great for me dieting nice mix of heavy and mod rep and weight ranges.

Cardio. hell whatever you will do. HIIT once a week is great Steady state moderate cardio. id stay away from HIGH intensity steady state when cutting and hell all the time unless you need to run fast and long for a goal. Just eats up muslce to damn fast. also just stand and walk a LOT. Hiking, drag sleds, push trucks etc..

4) hell yes id say ATLEAST five times Liberal with the veggies and even low impact fruit. Id drop the bread all together but thats me. a ton of good whole food but spices to mix it up. learn to cook and realize every meal doesnt have to be gourmet its just fuel. Sure have some good chit to but most of the time just a siple meat and veggies will cut the mustard.

5) Agree see #1 thats why the recomendation there. If you eat GOOD foods tons of veggies etc you could realy never be hungry and lose that fat and regain that muscle.

Best of luck hope that helps,


[quote]aduren wrote:
ok so you want to lose fat...

1) let's see you have to lower your caloric intake you weight 205, that means you have to eat less than 2460 calories and no less than 1600. I would recommend aiming for 2000 calories a day.

Aduren and Phil were right on. The dork in me is going to show you the estimated math in calories so from here on as you change weight you may figure out your desired caloric intakes for yourself.

Take your bodyfat in pounds and turn it into kilos. 205 / 2.2 = 93 kilos

Multiply your kilos by 24. This is an approximation of your basal metabolic rate. This is the amount of calories you burn laying on a bed not moving.
93 x 24 = 2232 calories

Now add in your activity factors.
Sedentary BMR x 1.2
Light Activity BMR x 1.35
Medium Activity BMR x 1.5
Heavy Activity BMR x 1.7
Extreme Activity BMR x 1.9
For these purposes lets say medium activity, meaning workouts 3 - 4 days a week, and walking around and thing like that. 2232 x 1.5 = 3348

Now plan for weight loss. An ideal weight loss figure is 500 - 1000 calories below your adjusted metabolic rate. Do not undercut more than 1000 ever because if you do, your body will think that it is starving and will not lose bodyfat no matter how hard you try. Lets use 800 for now.
3348 - 800 = 2548 calories (we'll say 2500 for easy number)

At this rate you will be losing about 1.5 pounds a week, which is completely healthy, natural, and maintainable weight loss. Any other questions ask me or just do your research.


You know what you need to do. You said you were 180 and muscular? Well do what you did then. You named what was holding you back. Stop doing it. Stop calling yourself "chubby"

Summary: Stop being a bitch.


Bes tof luck to you, im fighting the waistline too right now...and when it impacts your self esteem, sometimes it seems theres no hope.

Best hing you can do is cut the drinking down ALOT or out. I dont even drink anymore..not right now. Why would i consume something that slows the metabolism?

As for the low car/binge thats a bad idea. If you are going to low carb you really need to stick with it. If lowcarb is something you can do easily thru a scheduled week, look into the anabolic diet. It is working for me. Tdawg and other diets seemed to keep my carb cravings and i fell off the waggon more than i ever got on it.

If you need anyother advice feel free to ask here or PM me, a support network is alwayas a good thing!


Well everyone's offered some good advice. My advice is to stay away from fad diets. Don't do low carb. Don't do low fat. Just eat healthly all of the time and don't worry so much about it. You do need to stop alcohol altogether, and avoid the crap foods.

The thing that popped out at me is how were you able to binge on junk food? Did you have a bunch in your house or did you go buy a bunch? If you have it in your house, get rid of it. If you went and bought it- for christ's sake man have some willpower.


Stop eating shit.