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Help Me Identify This Muscle

Hi all!
I’m a woman and the photo is of my back.
My waist has always been 62-63 cm (around 24,5 inches), but after restarting sports again and strengthtraining 3-5 times a week for almost a year, my waist is now stronger with a prominent sixpack, but also a lot thicker. And I want to fix that.

For almost 9 months I did the mistake of training obliques (Russian twists) 2-3 per week with a 15 kg plate (around 33 pounds) along other ab exercises, all weighted, because I’m a tough mf🤦‍♀️

My back started to lose the curve that I had before, along with the itty-bittyness, and now when I bend over, the muscle in the picture pops up. Is it internal obliques?
I’m 168 cm (5,6 feet) and 54 kg (120 pounds) for anyone asking. My waist is still small, it’s grown a few cm in size and my abs are now more prominent than before, which is cool and healthy. But I don’t like this new pal on my back and I want to make it smaller.

I stopped training my obliques and abs with weights a few months ago after reading this article: https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-avoid-these-waist-widening-exercises . Now I train abs and obliques once a week with hanging leg raises (20x3), Russian twists without weights and then other ab exercises like bycicle crunches.

It looks like a spinal erector? Could be a lat, or an oblique? Hard to tell exactly where the arrow is pointing to?

Looks like the erector spinae

Hi, and thanks for the replies!
I tried to point the arrow at the little ’hump’, that is the muscle. This photo isn’t much better, but here I tried to draw a line of how my back used to be before I became a mini bodybuilder:

But yes, it does look like the erector spinae, thanks a lot!:pray:t3:

That definition in your back is sexy. You should be proud of your development. If you’re lean enough to have visible abs, then you’re kicking ass and shouldn’t change a thing.



I am now thinking external oblique.

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It is the external oblique, a muscle notorious for thickening the appearance of the waist if overdeveloped.


Take a picture of your entire back, directly behind you - not a strange angle and circle the part that is bothering you.

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This! I can’t figure out what we are supposed to be looking at.

What ever you are doing, it’s perfectly fine. Keep doing that.

A well developed and defined back is a great thing.

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Holy shit… haven’t been posting or viewing as much as of late. Glad to see you back!!!