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Help Me Identify this Hormone

I bought 50 grams of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) for 110USD (+ shipping and estrogen it was 180 usd) and 1g of estradiol from a Chinese company that produces orals and injectables. The estradiol was estradiol but the DHT was fake, it is 100% not DHT.

I contacted them, complained, asked them what it is they have sent me but they refuse to reply, they simply ignore me as you would imagine.

I have used high quality steroids for years and in huge dosages so I know the effects that different hormones have: Halo always makes me sweat and relaxes me, tren makes me negative and energetic, methyltren makes me tired and gives me flat affect and other psychotic shit, masterone makes me happy and relaxed, proviron increases my body temperature and gives me a “burning” feeling (in dosages of 100mg and higher) but does nothing else, winstrol gives me great focus and more energy, etc., etc…
The powder I have most closely resembles proviron but it is clearly not proviron that I have used for years.

**The mystery powder: **
1. Increases my body temperature/sweating but not near as much as halotestin or tren
2. Makes me more clumsy, like it sedates me
3. Has no effect on my mood, neither better nor worse
4. Slightly if any increases my energy levels
5. Makes my breathing more laborsome like it relaxes/sedates me, even opening the powder bag I could feel it.
6. It has no obvious anti-estrogenic effects (I have real gyno, erect nipples and big lumps and the mystery hormone does nothing).

DHT is an expensive hormone because it is rarely purchased so realistically if the company wanted to scam me of money by giving me a cheap “dht-based substitute” what would it be?

What is the cheapest anabolic/androgenic hormone they could’ve sent me that matches my description of the effects and be sold for 50g for 110 USD (if even it is pure)?

Dave Palumbo has a testing kit online. It’s like $125, you can test raw powder. Give that a go

Why buy estradiol? Are you experimenting with estradiol base + DHT derivative? Wouldn’t that be needlessly complicated when you could… Just use testosterone for TRT?

This is a testing site for AAS.


I think your father would be way better off with HGH

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Something like pregnenolone, I understand in the correct environment. But estrogen? That sounds erroneous.

This isn’t “anti-aging”, this is blatantly supraphysiologic dosing. How old is your father? It would be insanely irresponsible to administer this to someone who isn’t knowledgeable regarding PED’s.

Is he a competitive bodybuilder? If he’s an old guy looking for a little edge, grams of gear per week, esp 19-nors is a one stop ticket to a heart attack and IMO it’s massive overkill.

Take him to an anti-aging clinic or something, don’t treat him yourself… I assume you’re not a doctor


Not faking interest, I legitimately think the fact that you think it’s acceptable and/or a good idea to give you’re father grams of gear per week instead of taking him to a doctor and abiding by the advice given from medical professionals is shocking. If this was YOU at hand experiencing muscle weakness and deciding to juice that’d be okay, but you’re putting his life in your hands… if he’d gotten the gear himself and decided to use it… Also fine…

I understand that you probably care deeply about your father, but experimenting with hormones may not be the right answer. Furthermore, dosages actually used for wasting typically pertain to the 1-200mg/wk range. 1-200mg of deca weekly can make a massive difference when administered to truly debilitated people.

I don’t know what his condition is, but if it’s in response to a neurodegenerative/demyelinating disease, AAS probably won’t help all that much (aside from being aesthetically pleasing, stimulating appetite etc). Bigger muscles won’t regenerate damaged nerves. If it’s in response to cancer/wasting diseases it may help. But one needs to remember many chemo drugs elicit cardiotoxic effects, many wasting diseases can induce organ dysfunction within themselves.

Edit: don’t delete posts after being called out for good reaspn

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What the hell are you talking about? Never said you’re father was a dog. He is an elderly adult male who you gave over 1000mg test/deca per week.

Right, so if I presumably knew very little about PED’s and wanted to go on cycle, I should ask a family member who juices to give me steroids and in response they should supply me with large quantities of steroids. There’s a huge difference between taking drugs and supplying the drugs to someone else. Furthermore, this isn’t something relatively benign either. These drugs can seriously cause long term damage that can stick around after use has been ceased.

So your father presumably had a hemorrhagic stroke right. That’s terrible, I’m sorry to hear that… but giving him drugs that cause hypertension, increased blood viscosity and platelet aggregation in response doesn’t sound smart. Furthermore dyslidemia induced puts him at risk for heart attacks, ischemic + hemorrhagic stroke, high doses of AAS can induce cardiomyopathy/arrhythmias (a-fib can cause a stroke btw) and more. For someone of his age (75, elderly male) these risks are exponentially increased.

I don’t know about men, but injectable/oral estradiol is associated with a several-fold increase in the risk for stroke.

This sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Anyways, I’m out. I’ve given my opinion. I understand as to why you’d get defensive, and I am probably being insensitive. I don’t think giving him large doses of AAS was smart at all, same goes with GH. I know very little about NGF, but data I’ve read pertains to rodent models and use to prevent neurological degeneration in response to neurodegenerative disease. May play a role within relation to the prevention of cardiovascular disease though. I haven’t heard much about this compound being used for rehabilitation after a stroke… because I haven’t read much about NGF lol. Perhaps you’re thinking it could induce the regeneration of neurones and/or the creation of new neural pathways (neuroplasticity yeet)… I wouldn’t put my money on it, but then again I don’t know all that much about NGF so my opinion means jack shit in this department.


To add on, he claims to be doing this with knowledge and meticulous care.
He ordered raws from china presumably… you are not even using pharmaceutical grade products…
This sounds crazy. OP has removed his comments but damn that sounds irresponsible and criminal as fuck.

Wow this thread really took a turn. Please tell me this is just trolling. Time for me to turn off the computer for 6 months.


Alright yes maybe this was an epic troll. Now that I think about it, none of that shit could have been real.

EDIT: giving someone 1g of test and 1g of deca to walk because the Danish govt is out to kill him. Good troll I am having a laugh

See what I mean. You took a step back and really looked at the forest for the trees. I am guilty as well. I live on a different planet.

Don’t leave dude, you’re an amazing contributor to this forum. You give out realistic, accurate advice and link interesting and thought provoking bodies of medical literature.

Thanks for the kind words man.