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Help Me Identify Some Lifts

I’m doing the TSP program on the home page and I get 99% of the lifts in there. There’s some, though, that I do not understand. I will list them and hopefully someone can tell me what they are/how to do them.

  1. Hip Abduction?

  2. Wood Chop?

  3. Elevated Deadlift? Is this done just like a regular deadlift but on a platform?

  4. Romanian Deadlift? Am I right by saying this is the equivilant putting the bar on the rack right below the knees, then lifting it?

  5. Plank?!

Well that’s it, but hopefully I’m not being too much of a “noob”. Please help me out… Thanks!

Hip abduction can be done with the machines or free weights. I call the machine version yes/no machines. They are usally side by side in the gym with pads either outside or inside the knees. You sit down and squeeze in with your legs thigh master style, or push out. They work okay and don’t go too heavy at first.

My preference would be free weights: Wide Leg Squat. Its just like it sounds, its a squat where your feet are far apart (also called sumo squats).

Wood Chop is a cable workout. You set the pin so the cable is above your head. Stand facing away from the cable machine and reach back to your side to grab the handle. Now pull down and to the other side.

Elevated deadlifts I never have really heard of. You get more range of motion by standing on a platform but I would bet you the $20,000 back surgery bill you should not do these unless your experienced. If you want range of motion use two 25# plates instead of a 45# wheel on each side.

Romanian Deadlift:
videos are always better for deadlifts and squats.

I have no clue what a plank is.
Good Luck!

Plank is just holding yourself in the pushup position. I think there are side plank as well. Just google it.

Gotta love Google:

Oh yeahz. dem dere exercises woiyk dem altoid muscles dat reely make ya look big -lol