Help Me Help My Neighbor

My neighbor (38yrs old) had gastric bypass last November ('07). He’s lost 140lbs and now weighs @ 225. He joined my gym and wants to start weight training to build muscle. He’s asked me to help him out and put together a beginner type routine. I want to help himout but it’s been a long time since I used, or even thought about a beginner program. He’s had little to no lifting/training experience. His nutritionist has his diet squared away.

Here’s what I put together. I tried to do a full body 3day with exercise variance. I tried to get chest, back, legs and shoulders accounted for. I rotated chest, back and legs each day. I put in tricep work to help with the bench and shoulder pressing. The muscles and movements are getting worked just not the same each time. After he gets used to lifting I’d like to incorporate deads (even if dumbbell) and back squats. Substitute cardio for abs? Please let me know what you think. Is it decent or does it suck? Do I just stick to the same lifts for all 3 days? I’m open to suggestions.

Day 1
Flat Bench (barbell) 3x8
One Arm Rows (dumbbell) 3x8
Lunges (dumbbell) 3x8
Lateral raise (dumbbell) 3x8
Tricep Pushdown (cable) 3x8
Crunches 3xFailure or cardio

Day 2
Pullups (assisted) 3x8
Front Squats (dumbbell) 3x8
Incline Bench (dumbbell) 3x8
Arnold Press (dumbbell) 3x8
Stiff Leg Deadlift (dumbbell) 3x8
Hypers 3x10 or cardio

Day 3
Leg Press (machine) 3x8
Flat Bench (dumbbells) 3x8
Seated Rows (cable) 3x8
Seated OH press (dumbbells) 3x8
Dips (assisted) 3x8
Farmer’s walk (dumbbell) 3x1 lap around gym or cardio

Get Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength” or “The New Rules of Lifting.”

The New Rules of Lifting really helped me.

Got me thinking and helped me balance my lifting out.