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Help me heal my neck!

About 2 months ago I pulled my right trapezius muscle where it attaches to the head. I hurt intensely for about a week, and after two weeks seemed to be better. But a little lifting instantly made it feel sore. Well, I haven’t lifted a weight in about 4 weeks and have been taking it very easy on my neck and icing it occasionally with no success. When I tilt my head back and to the right I can still feel it and I really want to get back to the gym. What do you suggest? Will a doctor have any worthwhile advice? Thanks in advance.

There are a couple articles in the FAQ about soreness joint problems but your best bet is a doctor. Even if he doesn’t specialize in tendons and physical therapy he should be able to recommend you to someone who does.

a doc may be helpful at this point. you strain things, you pull things, and you sometimes even tear things. if you get a really bad strain or minor tear, could be you have some scarring going on in there thats unresolved. or maybe if the injury was more minor the problem may be that the area is still inflamed and going into spasm when you load it up. in any event some anti-inflamatories would probably help, like aleve or advil.

Ow! I know what your going through. I think I had the exacte same injury. Mine was from sports though. I think you should rest it forsure!!! I had a not bad injury and then it became much worse when I restrained it(took months to heal). Makes driving your car fun eh? First thing is get a foam pillow. That helped a ton. Next don’t strain it at all. Tendons have a slow metabolism and take a long time to heal. Ice can’t hurt and I think vitamin C would help. Make sure you haven’t got any other deficencies. I know it will be tough neglecting this body part but look at it this way. By not training it you are allowing it to heal thus you are making progress. Let me know how it goes. Ciao. :slight_smile:

A foam pillow might be a very good idea, I’ll have to pick one up. Thanks for the idea.

I hate not being able to hit the gym. Just about every upper body exercise is a no go. I can work my legs but going real heavy is risky with lots of weight on my shoulders so I have been going a little light. Injurys SUCK.

A perfect time to try training with machines. Once in a while training with machines won’t kill you. Should help you hit more body parts safely. I also think mentally you should “not worry” about not training certain parts. I believe this will help with your recovery. Less stress!!! Injuries suck major ass. Goodluck. Ciao. :slight_smile:

Do not crack your neck your self. You will create similar symptoms to rsi and sprain.

Physio/Chiropractor etc.
When it’s all healed tou can use the pec deck pads to do the side to side head movements by pushing the pad with my temple. I roll up a towel and ignore the wierd looks.