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Help me grow

hey guys.i realy need your help.i need to put on some muscle,but im a hard gainer.im 17 and my workout schedule is monday-legs tuesday-triceps/forearm wednesday-off thursday-shoulders friday-off saturday-chest/back sunday-biceps i have a workout partner and everything too.i plan on joining the marines soon.but im 5’7" and only weigh about 120lbs.im looking to pack on some muscle.im already alot stronger than most guy i know,but thats not good enough for me.do u think biotest methoxy-7 would help.i wil take supplements as long as they have no bad side effect.i already take creatine,dymetadrine xtreme,and weightgainer.i do eat well also.so please tell me wut i can do to pack on some muscle.peace.

ninpo: First off…Semper Fi… (will you be going to San Diego or Paris Island?). On to your question:

#1) Stop the thermogenics! When you’re not gaining weight and muscle, you don’t need to increase your metabolism!

#2)Read “Massive Eating” Parts 1&2.(Paying most attention to a) The caloric calculations and b)making sure that you’re consuming AT LEAST 1 gram/lb. of protein. Since you are joining the Corps, you need to set up a protocol that you can continue for EATING BIG! When you join, you will not have a big choice on food combinations, eating schedules and the like; but don’t worry; the Corps will feed you well.

#3) Your focus needs to be on functional strengh, not neccesarily “gettin’huge”. There is an ongoing thread on functional strength, and hopefully what these guys will share with you some of their workout protocols. UPPER BODY FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FOR THE OBSTACLE COURSES IS PARAMOUNT, AS WELL AS AEROBIC ENDURANCE!

When you get through, people will be able to look at you and say "AAhhh...beware that Dog of War..." Good Luck!

ninpo: One other thing…keep it all dirty and basic. As General Kelly once said “you are first, and foremost, a Rifleman”…a Grunt…a Killer…it’s more important that you can do chins, pull-ups, squat thrust, rapelling, sit ups and forced marches with 30-50 pound packs than Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises with perfect form or be able to reach some arbitrary maximum on a Bench Press. Again…Good Luck!(OOO-RAH!!!)

YOU’RE IN LUCK! The September Issue of “Muscle and Fitness” has devoted a complete section to preparing for Boot Camp! It’s pretty good too! This should give you an excellent foundation from which to build. I guarantee that you’ll be ahead of almost all the other recruits!

eat more, then eat more. I know its hard, i recently stalled out on gains too…

You want to gain mass? The way I’m seeing your workout is that you simply want to gain mass in very small bodyparts. Why a separate day for forearms/triceps? Or why a day for Biceps? Since upper body is of paramount importance here, I’d split the workout into one compound movement per session with some added secondary work afterwards. Example: DAY 1: Pull-Ups (many, as this is undoubtedly the most important movement in any military institution), DB One-arm bent rows, reverse curls, any bicep movement DAY 2: Rest DAY 3: Military Press, skull crushers, lateral raises, etc. DAY 4: Squats (if I were doing this, I’d probably do high reps on these , as leg endurance seems like a very important asset in the military, but I’m not certain), Good Mornings, Calf raises (standing + seated), DAY 5: Rest, DAY 6: Bench Presses only
DAY 7: REST DAY8: REPEAT. THats just an example of prioritizing the compound