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Help me GROW!!!

What Defex said !!!

Ironically I have visited other popular sites relating to weight training that dont have a moderator screening and they are virtually void of all newbie questions and more importantly they are completely void of arrogant know it all attitudes.

The “previously asked questions department” is another name for the Search Button.

Guys, the problem that I (and a lot of the other “old-timers”) have with these newbie questions is that they can almost ALWAYS be answered just by doing a search. If you do a search instead of just posting the question, you do have to do more reading and it is a bit more of a hassle. But here’s what you get in return:

No flames

Generally speaking, a MUCH longer and more complete answer

More (and more varied) opinions

You don’t make yourself look stupid and/or lazy

You learn something (usually something important)

You don’t piss people off, thereby ensuring that when you have another question, somewhere down the line, they will actually take the time to read it and think about it. Otherwise, they just say to themselves, “Oh that’s that guy who always asks those pointless newbie questions…” and skip it completely.

Now, maybe all this doesn’ t mean much to you. But if that’s the case, then I would suggest (as gently as possible) that maybe this forum isn’t the place for you to be.

How the hell do you know he’s a newbie…I’ve been training for 7 years, got the bod to prove it and have always looked for the answer to his question…granted different programs work for different people but every mag on the newsstand has “mass routines” every month—some just have better perspectives. Best advice I can give is consistency with big movements…always intense…and as heavy as you can without sacrificing form…

the newbie repeat questions are definitely dragging this forum down. Do a freaking search! There are so many expert contributors with great FREE information on this site!

Hey dude, it sounds like your looking for a bodybuilding routine (as opposed to powerlifting). If so I can help you out, just drop me an email.

Newbies have a tendency to buy a lot of supplements, which then keeps companies like Biotest in business, which helps keep this web page free!