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Help me GROW!!!

I’m trying to put on a lot of mass as fast as possible. What are some of your favorite/best lifting programs for massive growth. Please help me out!

Fork to mouth. Repeat.

you need sufficient calories (both in quantity and quality) to groweth doodsie…

Here’s one guaranteed to work the hell out of your digital extensors and flexors. I’ll go over this one in detail just for you. Type what you’re looking for in the search engine. Read. Repeat with new topic. Make sure you get full flexion and extension with each letter you type. Make sure you periodically have a serving of Surge while reading.

No one is going to bother answering this, dude. There’s a couple of dozen phenomenal programs in the previous issues. Spend some time researching and reading before you ask such as vague question that you already have the answer to.

Growth surge phase II + Massive Eating + Mag-10 or Androsol

Ask Goldberg.

First rule of mass, if you are not eating eight meals a day, stay out of the gym. Secondly, try training less, like one body part per day. Train one body part to failure then go home and eat, then eat agian. Stick to basic intense exersizes, that provide mass building benifits. Give yourself enough rest days, and dont be afraid to gain a little fat.

note to mod: maybe you all should put on this forum somewhere about the newbies should search the web site first before asking questions… seems that this forum is getting filled up with nonsence, redundant questions… now, this guy wants to know about how to gain as much mass as possible, which is a waste of time question if he knew to search the site first. now, if he decided to search and new that he would want to try something like massive eating, and had questions on that, that might be realavent question. i’m not dogging these new guys for asking these questions, they just need some better guidance from the web site at the beginning… oh well, my 2 cents…

Listen to DocT but add Powerdrive also.

It appears to me that Kraig Y is the only one who actally correctly interpreted the question. James was asking for our OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES regarding which training programs have produced fast mass gains for us.I’m sure he knows that he’ll have to eat till his gut’s burst and shoot 2-3 grams of test into his ass each week to achieve the fastest mass gains possible. James, I have found that my fastest gains have come from using lots of volume at a high freqency. To achieve this, you will of course have to avoid training to failure. Shoot for total weekly workload - somewhere between 75000 and 100000lbs per week is the goal. You won’t get there with curls and pushdowns - deadlift, vertical and horizontal press, horizontal row, squat. Try deadlift and bench on monday and friday, vertical press, row and squat on wednesday. Week 2 do if exactly different, i.e. monday vertical press, row and squats on monday and friday, deads and bench on wednesday. Keep alternating in such manner until the gains stop, rest a week or so and then find another program.

Ben, I fully understood the question he asked. I’ve also fully understood it the last 20 times it was asked on the forum. What’s pissing people off is that newbies don’t take the time to look up what has already been asked. It’s wasting space and pushing more relevant topics down the board.

What DocT said.

I second Kraig Y !!!

Doc T, I fully understand what is pissing people off. I’ve also fully understood it when that which is pissing people off has been posted the last 20 times on the forum. Just because it has been asked and answered 20 times previously, does that mean that every answer, experience and opinion has already been given?
Newbies ask newbie questions, simple as that. It’s the same in any field or erea of learning. When you last went and did something completely new to you, did you just ask questions or did you have the forethought not to risk pissing somebody off and spend time searching the field’s “previously asked questions” department?
If you went to the “previously asked questions” department, hats off to you, but realize that you’re in the minority.
For now, you’ll get much more sleep and you’re blood pressure will be much lower if you accept the fact that newbies ask newbie questions, and that there will always be a never ending supply of newbies. If it pisses you off that much, then save the space yourself by not answering the questions.

Ben, I guess I should call it a minor irritation for me. Trust me, I have real things to stress me out in life. This isn’t one of them. But anyway, you’re right in that newbies have newbie questions. That’s why there are dedicated sites here at T-mag to answer those questions. That is THE reason they exist. It’s one thing if people come in and ask what other people think of Meltdown or the 100 reps program, but they don’t. I don’t go up to anesthesiologists and ask, “So, tell me all about how you put people to sleep…and AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!” It’s common courteousy and common sense.

I think that the forum ought to use a system that i’ve seen in other forums. They require that you register to join the forum which requires a login name and password. You can’t post a new message until you’ve been a member for 2 weeks (or whatever) and have read a bunch of posts and maybe a couple of replies (or questions that are replies). I think this would keep the “newbie questions” to a minimum as it would force them to spend some time on the forum first. I believe this also isn’t too difficult to implement.

I think one of the downfalls of this forum and even this website in general is the attitude most of the people have. If it weren’t for pissy know it alls, the site would be fine!

I am just curious as to why he needs to get huge so quick. Maybe his wife keeps beating him up, and he wants to get as big as she is for the rematch he has planned for fathers day.

Two things. I have never heard of the previously asked questions department. Where can i find this? Second, I think that D Rock has a great idea that would alleviate many minor irratations for a few of us.