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Help Me Get the Edge on My Gym Nemesis


I thought of that after the first post, only problem is that he doesn’t want to do anything “too unsportsmanlike”. If he wants to do it the Tonya Harding way he better at least break the guy’s legs himself instead of hiring someone like a pussy.


The camera angle isn’t great but these are 1.5cm across or 5/8th of an inch more accurately.


Rogue also has ones that can bolt on which might be easier for you. There’s also knock off versions.


That’s too small for my rack for sure. I bought some steel rods to replace the old safety pins, they are 7/8" and have a little bit of room to rattle around.

Any idea where to look for these knockoffs you are talking about? I actually tried looking around at one point but I didn’t find anything other than Rogue.


I know Titan Fitness, Force USA makes them but I don’t know that I’d trust them all that much. Strength Shop and ATX have them. They’re pretty common nowadays.


You know what, I just looked at Strengthshop and their power rack looks exactly the same as mine. Mine is sold as Amstaff, but they are probably made by the same company in China and sold to various distributors. I should contact them to see if it will indeed fit my rack, that would be perfect. The only problem is that I have to order it from the US, the Canadian site doesn’t sell actual equipment, but I will looks into that. Thanks.


While I have you guys here I need some help with the monolift.

In the past I used the monolift alright a couple of times but since then my squat set up has changed where I set up and get my back tight by driving into the bar with it a bit and then I get my feet and hips under to unrack. My squat is much better for this change but it’s a little hard to do this on the monolift

The hooks (is that what they are called) move a lot and one side actually moves more than the other so the bar can end up uneven on my back. Just by myself I don’t think I can really set up as well as I’d like.

I’ve seen guys holding the monolift still in comps or is this movement not normal for monolifts?





It sounds like the mono needs a bit of work. My experience has been that there’s some play in the hooks but nothing that makes setting up difficult.


You mean like maintenance?


Yes. The hooks probably shouldn’t move differently.


Gon be hard to get there commercial gym types to cough up some money even at Dohertys.

Can I say like fix this shit because I’m gonna die setting up, unracking or putting the bar back in?


I always let gym owners know that their equipment has a problem so they can put an out of order sign on it for 6 months.


Then I’ll get it for a month before my meet :smiley:


Most important piece of advice i could give you (since you betrayed us IPF elitist sbd natty’s)
is to have fun training, and come competition day have some more fun


Spend some time training with commands, and make sure your lifts are legit. Squat to depth and bench with pause.

Especially on the bench, have someone give you commands. Pressing with your own pause is different than someone yelling press at you.


Gonna reiterate this. It may not seem like a big deal now, but in the moment on the platform ive seen alot of people miss lifts because they didnt wait for commands. Getting the practice in a few weeks before your meet will help a ton.



Did this thing happen yet? Soon? @guineapig


As my number one fan you should know it’s going down middle of this year lol

Rn I’m trying to get over a terribly timed bout of sickness and test 1RMs. Looks like I’ll be taking an extra day or two longer than I’d like and de training a bit. Feels like the longer I wait the more I’ll have recovered post flu but also the more de trained I’d be

Everything was peaking alright too. Oh well