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Help Me Get Stronger!


Hey guys i'm currently on my own program, Monday5x5 upper, tuesday 5x5 lower, wednesday off, thursday dynamic/ explosive upper usually 4x12, friday dynamic/explosive lower body usually 4x12. I been going at it seriously for about a year. my pr's are bench-255, squat- 350 deadlift- 375. I'm 14% bf 5'9 200 to 205 range usually, i look a lot stronger than I really am. I'm looking for a good strength training program, one that preferably uses lots of compound lifts, 3+ days a week.

Any recommended programs??? thanks.


5/3/1 by jim wendler, there's a whole trhead about it


Starting Strength. Look it up.


With his maxes, I think he's a bit too advanced for SS; Wendler 5-3-1 is fine, as long as he doesn't crave for lbs PR's every week ... in this case, WestSide For Skinny Bastards would be a better option.


I would'nt completely rule out SS, but he would stall faster then a complete beginner. So Bill Starr 5x5 would be a good alternative.

5/3/1 - you have to be patient and not have programming ADD to do this. Think looong term.

WS4SB or WS4VB seems similar to what he's already doing, but good programs nonetheless.


Have you stalled or just bored? This seems like a good program IMO.


yea i was gonna suggest 5x5, but I went for some coffee and you beat me to it.


Well I havent really stalled or gotten bored just thinking for the future I guess, thinking about my next program, I'm also going to be cutting, so to keep my muscle around I plan on lifting heavy, and the compound movements, im putting on the lbs right now, about 20-25


Really, you could keep doing what you're doing and add in cardio and fine tune your diet. I've been SLOOOOWLY dieting for the last 5 months - lost over 20 lbs and have gotten stronger.


I love SS, the Westside stuff, and Starr's 5x5 programs. But another simple program that does not get much mention but will help get stronger, but maybe on a slower timeline than these others is ABBH. Rather than increasing the bar weight every workout, as with SS, you are increasing reps per set on the heavy days and increasing the weight on the lighter days.

It is supposedly a "hypertrophy" program, but really has more of a strength focus to it. Might go well with a cut also.


Can you provide a break down of what your actually doing?
There have been plenty of good programs suggested here but there might not necessarily be any need to change what you're doing right now with the exception of adding in so new exercises or lifting techniques to help blow through sticking points. I think we can all advise better if we see the break down.


ok so this is my whole program, working great added 40lbs to my bench the last two weeks.

This is an example week.
1Monday-1.Bench 5x5 max effort, slow and controlled about a 2-3tempo down 2-3 tempo up. then superset with wide dumbell bench to close at the top, very slow and exxagerated light weight 5x5.
2.5x5 Deadlift wide grip, using litte legs mostly back. Superset with wide pull ups 5x5
3. 5x5 shoulder press. superset with delt triangles. (off of a recent article on here)
4. Set of 100 very light weight db bench.
Tuesday 1. Squat 5x5 2-3 tempo superset with leg extensions
2. Sissy squat 5x5 superset with db deadlift.
3. depending on how i feel another movement usually lunges
$ set of 100 light squats.

Wed. 1. Off/ rest all i do today are sprints etc. something like hiit

Thursday. Something close to monday slow down, explosion up 4x12. I use mostly different lifts ex. instead of shoulder press, clean and press.

Friday.- 1. similar to tuesday, lots of jumping and explosion 4x12.

Sat/sun- off just a little sprinting etc... Never do ANY aerobic all anaerobic.

I am carb cycling all my die t consists off for the most part are eggs, egg whites,chicken ,green veggies, oats, fruit, lots of natty pb, tuna, cottage cheese, occasional beef, occasional lean pork, sounds like about it.

Supplements: gaspari nutrion myofusion,Creatine monohydrate, fish oil. animal pak, looking to get leucine.

Post workout Im using a mix of gatorade powder and whey, about 50-60g of carbs and 50g of protein.

Every monring a go for a walk/run nothing too hard, just a little work, an sometime at night too, I also eat evey three hours, keeping my meals decently small but enough to be in a surplus, and that pretty much my whole plan.


Eric Cressey Maximum Strength


Adding that kind of weight to your lifts over that short of a period I would think is mostly down to improved technique and shows your current program still has plenty of legs on it. All in all it looks pretty good though for developing strength I don't subscribe to slow tempo during concentric phase of the lift. I like to use compensatory acceleration. Regardless of the weight I'll use the same effort I would use for a 1RM lift. The strongest muscle fibers in your body are the fast twitch variety. For strength development you want to recruit as much of them as you can.

Slow tempo is fine for muscle development phases of training.
But if what your doing at the moment is working for you then keep doing that. If you're looking long term at your training plan, Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 program or Joe DeFranco's WS4SB program will give you what your looking for