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Help Me Get a Routine Together

Hi there

This is my first post so hello to everyone.

Id like to form a new routine and after reading Chad Waterbury’s reps/set bible article i could use some help.

My main aim is hypertrophy so im aiming for a volume of 36-50 using 70-80% of 1rm for each muscle group.

However im confused with the carryover effect between muscle groups. For example say for chest i choose bench press 6x6 for a training volume of 36 at 80% 1 rm, my shoulders and triceps are also going to recieve a hammering too. So do i still need to do 6x6 for shoulders and trieps as well, e.g military press 6x6 and close grip bench 6x6?

I guess its the same for my back, if i do 6x6 of bent over rows do i also need to then do 6x6 for biceps?

see what im geting at?

It really depends on the overall program design and your goals. You don’t need the direct work on shoulders or triceps with a number of Chad’s programs. Take a look at the Anti-Bodybuilding Hpertrophy Program in the Archives. He explains his rationale there. It is also a very effective program.
Good luck.
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many thanks, i’ll have a read of that