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Help Me Gain Weight

hey everyone, heres what i do:
Eat 3 meals a day- usually chicken, vegs
Drink 3 protein shakes a day before and after workout
Drink 2 calorie shakes a day before and after workout
AND i can NOT gain weight , i got to bed weighing 170 something wake up and weigh 7 pounds less!, whats the problem here, please comment with any help.

Aids is a hell of a disease.

You are always lighter when you wake up due to water loss (from piss).

Are you getting enough calories in the first place? Check out this massive eating calculator to find out:


eat beef instead once in a while? add more carbs?

Totoal calories are important. if you are loosing or maintaining, you simply need to consume more calories. Increase your intake by 250-500 for starters.

can I have your metabolism please?


The more I lift,the more I eat. Now,say it with me. “The more I lift,the more I eat!”

Can you give a little more detail on the diet? Caloric value of the shakes and each meal? Also, what does your workout routine look like?

I just recently broke through a similar barrier in gaining weight and the key was really working out less and eliminating any cardio. Before I did that, it didn’t seem to matter how much I ate!!

Adding more carbs(only more carbs) is only gonna make him gain a little bit of water weight.Each carb consumed causes your body to hold 2.4 grams of water.You want to gain muscle,not a pound or two of water weight.

Keep on increasing your daily intake of beef,whole milk,whole eggs,oatmeal,good fats,fish,chocolate milk,cheese,fruit,corn,and potatos,and all natural peanut butter,carbohydrates.Those foods should help you gain some,…if you eat a lot of these foods.A few slices of pizza wont hurt you every now and then either.