Help Me Fix My Deadlift

So, I have been trying to work my mobility and I feel that it is a huge issue with me and alot of the forms of my lifts. This pull is on boxes that are elevated about four inches, but I still feel that I am rounding my low back too much. I lack solid dorsiflexion, but I am working on that as well as my tight hamstrings. I have a really hard time sitting back in the hip hinge, I’m beginning to think that it is my psoas tightness, but I am really just beginning to develop a good understanding of mobility.

I’m trying to solve my mobility issues using Kelly Starrett’s mobility wods and I feel that I have made alot of improvements so far.
If you have any tips or pointers, on the deadlift or my mobility in general, I would really appreciate it!

Have you tried pulling sumo? It may allow you to work around your mobility issues while you get them sorted out.

What has helped me the most for mobility is just getting in a squat or deadlift position. For squats try holding a 25lb plate out in front of you and squat down, I’ve found this really helps counterbalance your weight and lets you really get down into position. For deadlifts I’d suggest just loading up a bar and pulling yourself into position(shins to bar over mid foot, hips back, back flat). Even if you’re just standing around work on pushing your hips back and getting into a hinge position. You don’t look old enough to be that stuck together so your problem may just be that you don’t know how to move.

You need to set your back more just before you pull. Getting your hamstrings more flexible would help, since the hamstrings are what keeps you in hip extension instead of allowing you to stick your ass out and flex your hips.