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Help Me Find This Action Movie

I’ve been trying off-and-on to find this movie for decades, no luck. I remember seeing the end of this movie on TV, it was in color, probably made in the 80’s-90’s.

Climax has two guys, I believe both white, pinned down behind a barricade. Setting is tropical, either South American or South Pacific; the army they are fighting might be a drug cartel or just a part of national army. They are stuck, running out of ammo, they talk about the hopelessness and the only option is full scale assault.

They toss a bunch of grenades and come up shooting, get through it and survive. Ending had one of them on crutches I think back home, both bandaged up, getting congratulations. It wasn’t a real serious movie like Saving Private Ryan or anything, more just a straight ahead action show

I don’t know if it was a made-for-tv thing or a major film, but I know it was showing middle of the day like 15 or twenty years ago on regular cable.

I had another movie like this I can’t find, all I had from it was ending they are running near a waterfall/ river and they shoot the main bad guy in the pelvis in slow motion with some kind of exploding round. Same kind of thing, sub tropical, bad guy was a foreign dictator or drug lord. It’s hell getting old, memory is foggy.

Dang that isn’t much to go on.

I know, that’s probably why I haven’t found it. Putting my faith in the internet now

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The second movie sounds like Rambo 2. Although the slow motion explosive round was not the main bad guy, just a bad guy.

That is just about all of the action movies from that era.

Did it have David Carradine as the bad guy?


FOUND IT - Fifty/ Fifty from 1992 starring Peter Weller and Robert Hays. Turns out both of those scenes are the same movie. Blows the bad guy to smithereens at the end.

God bless the internet

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