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Help Me Find the Right Routine

Hi, I have been lifting seriously for about 9 months. I have run starting strength, madcows intermediate 5x5 and a bit of the Texas method which I didn’t like that much. I am 24 6’3’’ and weigh around 215lbs at about 18% bf.

I have seen good results so far, when I started taking lifting seriously I had a 175 bench, 185 squat and 225 dead lift. Now I have a 250 bench, a 315 squat and a 415 dead lift. My goal is to get to 300/400/500 by May but hopefully much sooner.

I proposed the program below on a different forum and was told it was terrible and that I should look here for help.

"Here is what I am thinking of for programming. I didn’t really like a standard Texas method because I don’t feel like I should be doing intense squats and dls on the same day necessarily. So I looked around at some other programs that varied volume and intensity but split it out through out the week. Something like this.

Day 1

Squat Pr attempt

Bench/Press for volume

Cleans/speed dl

Pull ups/chins for volume

Day 2

Squat recovery

Bench/Press recovery

DL pr attempt


Day 3

Bench/Press pr attempt

Pull up/chin up pr attempt

Squat volume

For the prs the goal is to set anywhere between 1rm and a 5rm best. For the recovery do something like 2x5 or 3x3 at 75%-85% percent. For the volume anything like 4x6,5x5,8x3, 3x10. Switch up bench and press every work out. Also switch to different variations on the lifts if I feel I am failing because of a weak point."

So the question is does my program totally suck? (probably I am new) and if so what are some better options. Thanks for the help.