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Help Me Find the Best Knee Wraps


Hello everyone. I am a powerlifter, and have been lifting for 5 years now. I have wrapped my knees for a long time, mainly in have just used the cheap Harbinger red line wraps. I’m now looking for something much better. I’ve been looking at the Elitefts Kraits and the APT Strangulators. I am a raw lifter (only wraps and a belt) and I decent slowly, hit my mark then power up. I do not go for the bounce like some people, so if you could assist me in finding what wraps are best for me I’d appreciate it. Thank you.


I’m a huge fan of the kraits.


Do they seem like more of a cast wrap? On their website it specifically advertises them as a rebound wrap.


I like my Red Slingshot wraps, lots of pop out of the hole. I squat medium stance, controlled but not super slow descent.


I think I might try the Kraits. The more I read about them the better they seem. What do you guys think?


Wrap them tight and you’ll be fine.