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Help Me Find Sunglasses!


AHHHH, its so damn bright!!!

ok, I'm starting this thread hoping that someone can find some sunglasses for me..I am horrible at finding stuff on google so yeah, help me out.


goggle type with black tint.

you guys cant be assholes all the time, right? I mean, everybody gets one, right?

appreciate it lots!!!



We need a picture of your face to determine what will look best on you.


suns finally back out in ohio eh
i like


Everything looks good on me, I'm a killa!

I just need cool goggles with an elastic band..thats all


It better not be!! I'm in Florida now, I should be in Toledo thursday though...it better be dark and cold!


come on motherfuckers!!!!!


So I bet you have that new vampire fangs fleshlite. Am I right!?


no, I have a vampire fiance

you gonna help?


Hey, Blade...... I didn't think you could be out in the sun?

Are you a new breed of blood suckers? :wink:


I'm Black, dude...my skin is dark enough to tolerate the UV rays.

I should have known that if I mentioned sunlight you all would tee off on me!!

son of a fuck! lol

as long as someone eventually finds them its cool


For the love of Satan and all that's unholy, i'm playing Rock.

Here.... these have you written all over them...


WTF!! lol

you tryin to end up in a tiger stew?


Get some LOCS. The kind that NWA wore back in tha day.


i only buy from wiley x. their glassses and goggles are very strong so i waste my money on them. they are for the military and police


might as well get these boys too, huh?


That's what I'm talkin' about!!



sun + vampire = bad
sun + vampire + sunglasses = ok

Would never have guess that.


The eyes are the weakness...sun touches them we evaporate