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Help Me Find a Provider

Hi all,

I’m looking for a provider for TRT in California or a telemedicine clinic. I’m hesitant to go with Defy as they seem a little stingy on the dosage from what I’ve read. Also not looking for a place that’s going to try to push AI or HCG unless it turns out I really need it.

So with those things in mind, what choices does that leave me with?

Thanks in advance brothers

If you are truly a trt patient… This mindset is not very good.

Also, I had a feeling someone would say that but is it not a valid concern? I want a doctor who will make me feel better and not be either overly aggressive nor overly conservative. Defy does have a reputation for being conservative, does it not? Help me understand what you mean, please. I’m still learning

Your right. The goal is to feel good. Now if 100 mg a week gets you there… Will you be happy?

Defy is conservative in that they will not allow HCT 52>, they do allow levels 1000> if your other biomarkers are healthy. They aren’t going to allow crazy high levels.

I don’t know where you read this, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I always thought Defy’s dosing was a little on the high side. They seem to want everyone at 800-900 and Free T 20-26.5 (10.8-26.5) I have actually seen some of their patients at a Free T 30+.

You are going to be looking for a place to manage your TRT for a long time. You don’t want HCG, tell them no thank you, you are in charge.

This is California, it’s crazy expensive to live here and the costs will demand a premium for services like hormones, telemedicine offers lower cost.

Well good point, however I’ve been specifically warned away from them by former patients for this reason. Not that I’m looking for supraphysiologic doses, I’m not, I just want to make sure that if I’m actually taking this leap that I can be assured of it actually working.

Weird that last post was actually posted before my other one it just came out last.

Anyway yes I’d be happy if I felt good regardless of the dose, I just have no way of knowing what that would be for my body, yet.

Thank you guys for the feedback, it’s definitely good food for thought. It does seem Defy has a lot of happy customers.

The brick and mortar places in California seem to be ~200/mo but they all seem to be the cookie cutter 200mg test plus HCG plus AI type. It seems Defy has a reputation for being more flexible than that. I just got a warning from someone who had worked with them and wasn’t happy because they capped him at 175 mg/wk and he didn’t feel like it was doing the trick.

I don’t like defy either from what I read… Am in the East coast so can’t help with recommendation

Thanks for your perspective, that’s good to know. It seems like the goal should be to find the lowest dose where you feel right, IE mental clarity, energy, motivation, libido etc. I guess my fear is what if that dose is higher than what they are comfortable prescribing? It certainly was for at least one person. Also I heard they keep very tight control over your supply which could be inconvenient if you are for example taking a long vacation to Europe or wherever. I don’t mean to bash Defy I’m just nervous to find the right provider as it’s a big investment

Thanks man. Do you mind elaborating?

I’m not sure if Neal Rouzier is still seeing new patients. You might consider contacting Worldlink Medical and get a recommendation from them. You’ll have to make an office visit prior to going telemedicine, however.

Thanks man I’ll look these guys up. Where is worldview located?

If you need a telemedicine clinic for $150/month that will prescribe around 220mg/week T shipped to your door I can put you in touch but they aren’t going to hold your hand through the dialing in process. Email in bio.

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Oh man that site has a directory, what a goldmine! Thanks so much

Email sent. Thanks brother

@highpull just so you’re aware of two things:

  1. Neal just teaches now and no longer sees patients

  2. We used to promote the World Link Medical website until he mentioned he preferred that we didn’t. It seems a lots of nurse practitioners go there, barely attend the classes but show up just enough to get the ‘certification’ just so that they can say that they were trained by the great Dr Neal Rouzier. It’s a money grab. There are some good docs there but don’t assume that all of them on there are great. Seems some put their patients on an AI which Neal is dead set against.

One doc who we’ve had on our channel who does telemedicine is Dr Jeffrey Rutuerbusch. He’s in Orange Park, FL kicksomemasss.com

(yes, with 3 S’s at the end)

Thanks for the info Danny,

That website seems to be down at the moment.

Strange, I just clicked on the link and it works fine for me.

Works for me as well

Thanks, I am aware of all of that, which is why I qualified my statement and suggested he contact Worldlink. I agree that the certification is a marketing ploy and if I am a doctor, I would not bother with it. I also agree that not all doctors are equal regardless of where they were trained and that doctors he has trained do not necessarily practice exactly the same, or exactly as he would.

However, I believe doctors who have trained with him are generally ahead of the game and thought their provider list might be a good place to start, given he didn’t know anyone personally who could give him a referral.