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Help Me Figure this Condition Out?

I’ve been using testosterone cruising and cycling on and off for the last 5 years with no issues. After a Deca cycle during summer of 2018 around December I began to experience a dull pain in my left side, under my lower floating ribs, that radiates around to the back. The would be constant all the time, nothing relieves it except laying on my left side in the fetal position. I did bloodwork, everything was normal. I dropped testosterone dose to TRT levels and thought it was nothing to be concerned about.

Fast forward a whole year later, I’ve been through gastroscopy, endoscopy, colonoscopy, chest CT scan, abdominal CT scan ( shows small kidney cyst doctors say would not cause pain) Ultrasounds, X-rays, 1000 blood work tests, multiple ER visits.

Vomiting(can barely eat) nausea, pain has increased 100% can barely walk, lost 57lbs of solid mass, can’t keep up running my company, or caring for my children.

Recent bloodwork showed a progesterone level extremely elevated (5.0) I took caber for two weeks and reduced it to (0.6) untill recently, thyroid levels and pancreas enzymes were normal, latest test after reducing progesterone shows TSH levels high at 4.99 and Amylase levels high at 126. Endocrinologist referral pending.

Doctors are baffled as to what is going on and what could be causing the pain, nausea and weight-loss. ER visits seem to just be me arguing with a doctor to run tests and them thinking I’m either crazy, or a drug addict looking for a fix of opium(or they blame it on smoking weed for pain). Cannot apply for disability due to no diagnosis and cannot work due to the symptoms severity.

If anyone has experienced something similar, or knows of someone who has, or has some answers, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. I’m coming to the end of my rope and trained specialists are asking me what to do instead of doing their jobs.


Ever had any comprehensive bloods. Adrenals/thyroid esp would be interesting to see

TSH of 5 you probably have hypothyroidism (explains the weight loss and many symptoms)

As to the high amylase,
Many things can cause this… you’re not a drinker by chance are you?

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Have you ever checked out Brian Alshure’s channel. He has been through the wringer.

Can you post your labs? Depending on the reference ranges, your elevated Amlyase warrants further investigation. Could be an inflamed organ, ie pancreas, gallbladder, etc.


Brain is a member here @Alpha

Ok I have two cousins that my aunt adopted from Russia. The girl grew up and around 14-15 all of a sudden she was like unable to move crazy pain screaming like she was dying. Turns out she picked up this bacteria in the orphanage and basically it had formed a cyst like on the side of her stomach. For years no symptoms then it burst and she of course ended up in the hospital. LUCKILY one of the nurses or doctor’s or someone somehow realized she had been adopted and they knew about the weird bacteria thing, it’s common for the adopted kids to have and most get dealt with at a young age. My aunt does remember that as a baby she would hold her stomach but she couldn’t talk and since babies cry she just didn’t realize something was up. Now it’s real rare that she didn’t get it addressed and she didn’t have any symptoms until teenage years so that added into why it took a couple of days to diagnose. Once they knew what it was then bam it was simple to address.

My point being, where did your gear come from? You are probably in a first world country dealing with doctors who deal with first world situations but if you got something from your gear, it didn’t come from a first world origination. Most gear starts as raws in China but they process and bottle that stuff all over like India, Russia, thialand, Vietnam, turkey, Iran, Greece, Moldova, ECT ECT ECT. If you aren’t getting anywhere with the blood work then maybe it because your blood work is designed to look for first world issues. Try to track your vials history and see if there are conditions with similar markers like yours in the country that your vial came from.

Just an idea, I hope it can help and you feel better soon.

No, I do not drink. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I finally got my doctor to agree that he thinks its pancreas related. I was researching how the thyroid can basically cause all kinds of problems throughout the whole body, especially the pancreas as part of the endocrine system. He won’t do any further tests however untill I see an endocrinologist, waiting for a referral. Hopefully it’s not pancreatic cancer, seems like I have all the symptoms besides jaundice.

Do you remember the name of the bacteria involved?

Sorry for the late reply. No i do not drink or smoke. Doctors do not seem worried about the amylase and say my thyroid and pancreas levels are not high enough for concern… Still no diagnosis, had another CT and bone scan. My rib cage is starting to protrude sharply on the left side now. Pain is terrible.