Help Me Dial in My AI

So I believe I am AI sensitive. My last cycle which was 375mg of test cyp a week for 12 weeks with .5mg of ADEX a day resulted in my estradiol being 8.6 at the end of my cycle. My current cycle (I plan on running for 18 weeks) which I started 6 weeks ago consists of 400mg Sust, 400mg Deca, 800mg Eq, and 40mg Tbol for the first 5 weeks (I was planning on running tbol for 6-8 weeks, but I cut it short because it was giving me headaches and stomach issues. I started by running .5mg of ADEX EOD. I got my estidiol checked at end of week 3 because I thought I might be experiencing low E symptoms. Estradiol was 11. So I lowered the dose of ADEX to .5mg twice a week for the the next 3 weeks. Then I started getting nipple sensitivity and a holding a little bit more water. This past week I upped my ADEX to 4mg a week. I got my Estradiol tested this past Monday and am awaiting the results. I’ll post them when they come in.

Please, any advice is welcome on how to better dial in my AI and help me figure out what’s going on. Thanks!

Therapeutic target is E2=22pg/ml.

With E2=11pgml, you would reduce your 0.5mg EOD dose by a factor of 11/22
You could have skipped a dose then resumed at the new dose and things would be decent in a week.

On your prior cycle dose could have been 0.5mg/day X 8.6/22

Anastrozole is a competitive drug against T at aromatase reaction sites. Anastrozole dose depends on serum T levels. It takes a while for TRT guys to get dialed in, but then they are set. When you make changes to your cycles, it is a new game and some things will affect the liver’s ability to clear estrogens and that changes the balance too.

As you can see, T levels matter. Anastrozole needs to work against steady T levels. Injecting once a week is wrong and then lab results are largely driven by lab timing. You can inject T twice a week and take anastrozole at that time and T and anastrozole levels will roughly rise and fall together and maintain some semblance of balance.

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Thanks so much for the advice and formula for dialing in the AI. I just got my E2 numbers back from mondays test and I came in at 16.2. But why might my nipples feel a little tender? Also, I divide my doses and inject twice a week. Thanks!

People constantly confuse nipple pain / irritation / sensitivity to too much estrogen. A great amount of time it’s simply increased androgens and your mind.

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I am at the end of week 3 of a 14 week cycle of 400 mg of Tren/week and 150mg of Sustenon/week administered in three equal injections a week. I was taking 1mg of Adex on the same days I injected. I got bloods done and my E2 level was 124.7. To get my E2 levels to around 22 would mean I would have to take 5.5 times (124.7/22=5.6) the Adex I am taking now. That seems like a lot of Adex to take. Would it be better to take something stronger like Letrozole? What is the equivalency of Letrozole to Anastrozole?


Tren totally throws off estrogen related blood tests. Your e2 is nowhere near that level. Are you saying you took 3 mg of arimidex a week on 150 mg a week of sust? Jesus man. You need zero arimidex on 150 mg a week!

I was taking 3 mg of adex a week on 150mg of sust and 400 mg of Trenton.

That’s ridiculous to the highest degree. Tren doesn’t aromatize but I’ve written extensively about how it DOES alter estrogen labs hugely. You have no business taking arimidex at that dose. No one does. Your estrogen is tanked. Stop taking AI completely now.

Wow. Thanks for the advice. I’ll drop the adex right away. I didn’t know Trenton messes with estrogen blood results.