Help Me Diagnose Hip-Region Issue

Hey all,

29 year old male. I will try to keep this short and sweet. For years I’ve had some lower back issues on the right hand side. I think it started when I tried a deadlift with horrendous form (didn’t know what I was doing at the time, just trying to emulate what I had seen online). For a long time thereafter my back had bothered me, even when using the leg press. My hips have also felt uneven.

Now I’ve had x-rays done, I went to PT for lower back pain, I’ve seen massage therapists, I’ve gone to chiropractors, etc. X-rays were clear, PT Therapists didn’t do too much but stretch hamstrings, massage therapist got in deep but it didn’t seem to help as much as I’d hope, and chiropractor I went to was nice and would adjust me, but it’d never do much of anything. If it did help a bit, it was temporary. He’d continuously say, “Lets see if that does the trick,” or something along those lines. I just got fed up with it all. But I feel as if the imbalance has gotten worse over the years, but lower back pain is not consistent and more rare due to self help at home.

My buddy is an acupuncturist and said he thinks it is my Quadratus Lumborum. When I looked further into it, it kind of makes sense that it could be at least part of the issue since my right side seems/feel elevated.

Here’s a small list of issues in the area:
*Right side feels elevated
*Right side feels anteriorally tilted
*Hips feel off, like right side doesn’t rotate appropriately or adequately
*I can feel tension up into my abs on the right and right anterior portion of my abs, most notably when stretching
*Right leg adductors/groin region feels tight at times

I think that’s it.

Aside from seeing those professionals, I’ve tried:
*Ice (When pain was involved)
*NSAIDs (When pain was involved)
*Fish Oil
*Foam Rolling (Hamstrings, QL, Quads, Glutes, IT Bands, External Obliques)
*Lacrosse Ball (Same as above, but deeper. Also add in Spinal Erectors, albeit not as much)
*Dynamic Stretching
*Static Stretching
*TENS Machine (Found it for cheap on Prime Day… couldn’t help myself)
*Lumbar Cushion at work
*Modifying sleeping position (Was a stomach sleeper, in which my right side was crunched up, I think causing much of this issue as well)
*Limber 11 (Although I should try it more. I just wish it was formatted in a more streamlined manner like 8 Minute Abs [that’s a Hell of a throwback])

I also recently got a book called “How to Become a Supple Leopard” (something along those lines) that I’ve been reading and getting more information from, but I am slightly confused at some things (ADHD a little) and haven’t gotten in far enough, but I had skimmed through lower back stuff and did incorporate what I could.

Thanks in advance!

Hi mate,

I’d look into the tightness of your hip flexors- see Thomas test How to assess the Psoas, rectus femoris, hamstrings and adductors Muscle length tests - YouTube

If one side of your hips feels elevated look into Trendelenburg gait and testing - Trendelenburg Sign - Physiopedia

Often when one is experiencing pain in the back, the hips are a culprit. However this is likely to be multifactoral.

Hope I’ve been of some help.