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Help Me Devise a Training Regimen for My Wife?


Hey guys, my first post here. Won't be my last, but I figured this was as good a place to start as any.

I'm a novice. I'm learning every day how to get stronger and really finding the discipline to get results.

But for now, I'm here because I'm CLUELESS as to what my wife can do, so I'm coming to you for help.

She's used a trainer before, but it was always bullshit. You know the deal, already, I'm sure.

Now she's interested in doing weightlifting. Not powerlifting, not trying to be a bodybuilder, but getting stronger and being in better shape. She's 22, 5'3, about 160lbs. I'm not sure what her BF % is, but I'd assume somewhere around the low 20's. She's black, from Brazil, so she's got some good athletic genes (was a goalie playing futsal), really strong legs, BIG butt, big boobs (accounting for some of the fat). She REALLY likes to eat. That includes rice and beans every day. Lots. Her legs aren't really the problem. I think I know enough to get her through that. It's her upper body. I don't know nearly enough myself to help her devise a program. So that's why I'm here! The other night she did some basic upper body stuff; bench press (two 10's on the bar), seated rows, incline press on the hammer strength, but we were really just winging it.

Can someone start to give me some ideas or even map out a simple program that she can follow to build upper body strength, gain lean muscle and shed some of the unwanted fat? She's really in to this and IS showing the discipline (surprisingly) to stick to it on that end - we're just working on the eating.

If you need any more information, let me know. Thanks!


go read the articles from figure athlete on programs for women. that is your best bet.


Cool, thanks I'll head over there and get her some articles and repost in that forum.


the articles from FA are good, but many are more dedicated to physique than strength. Just read the articles here. You don't need a different program for a woman, muscle is muscle.



The key is to tailor any program to her goals, rather than her gender.