Help Me Develop a Plan to Target My Weakest Area

Surprisingly enough in my roughly 10 years of training hard I have never been one to care much about bicep size - more so the exercises were never that fun to me. I enjoyed squats/deadlifts etc. much more than doing bicep curls but now that my training has shifted more towards a bodybuilding and physique approach its apparent my biceps are definitely the weakest area on my body from a looks perspective.

I’m a pretty tall guy at 6 foot 3 with fairly long arms and I wouldn’t say bad genetics for biceps but not the greatest either. I don’t have a well defined peak but I do have a lot of veins in both biceps - still just not too much size. I’ve taken a look at the below 2 articles and I’m going to implement a great deal of info from them but plan on incorporating more chin ups, diversify what exercises I do more often (more Brachialis work), rest time shorter 30-45 seconds and overall just increasing time under tension.

Any other tips for a taller guy you all can think of that would help target this weak area of mine? Also I don’t care about strength what so ever for biceps, just going for size here.


Finish all your bicep work with pump work…one method: Crazy eights: Ie, do one set of eight reps of db curls for 8 reps with your right hand and then another with your left then go back to your right…repeat with zero rest until you can’t complete another 8 reps.

205 little over 8% BF right now, been on muscle building phase for about 10 days now

Wow I’ve never heard of this I really like it thanks brother!

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Same with any stubborn group -
-1 get bull strong on one or two core moves like hammer curls, train heavy like a main lift 5x5/5/31 etc shoot for hitting big monthly rep PRs
-2 mountains of volume/pump work just short of failure
-3 pre-exhaust, basically train biceps before back

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In regards to your first piece of advice for getting really strong at bigger bicep lifts that was my brother in laws advice who is a tank and has the biggest natural biceps/arms I’ve ever seen. He swears by 5x5 on barbell curls then following it up with pump work.