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Help Me Destroy This Man


Back Story -

I'm seeing this girl that is not a citizen. She is currently working for cash as she has no work permit. She works 10 hour days with no breaks for $4.5/hour. She is starting university in January and after 6 months will be able to get a work permit. She went to the school that she is starting at and looked for work on campus as there is an exemption that says you can work part time on campus with no work permit.

She meet with the HR guy that is in charge of filling these positions. They exchanged contact information. He has started texting and phoning her late at night. He makes sexual jokes and tells her that she has a nice ass. When she gets upset he says something like "oh, well if you can't take a joke and engage in harmless flirting then you're not cut out to work in customer service". He has made other comments where he strongly suggests that if she will play along with him he will get her the job. I'm sure that he would lead this to sex at some point if she was "willing".

Now the big problem is this - he knows that she is working illegally. She could never go and report him as he could then report her. He has her trapped, he knows this. So what to do?

The whole thing makes me furious. I despise people like this who use their position of power to manipulate and control people. He is also around 35 and she is 19 .......

The only thing I can think of at this point is to wait the 6 months till she has her permit. In the mean time collect the text messages and record a couple calls. Once she has her work permit - Game Over.

Thoughts? I need the collective wisdom here to devise a truly glorious fucking over of this scum bag.


Well, did he cum inside her, or did he pull out?


Tell her to find a better under-the-table job. Is she Asian? Lots of those all-you-can-eat sushi places will hire you with a work permit or without.

Then report the guy.


Yes, but even if she finds another job he will still know that she is working illegally(he knows the situation and know she will not have a permit for another 6 months). She will only be safe once she gets her permit. At least, that is the only option I see.

BTW - This is happening at a large Canadian University. This is the head guy in charge of hiring students. Blows me away.


Get him on tape. You won't have the upper hand on him, but atleast you'll have mutually assured destruction.


She could move down into the ND/Montana area and take advantage of the huge lack of workers in the area due to the oil and natural gas boom. I work up in ND 2 weeks a month and every day there are ads for people to work in a gas station or McDonalds for upwards of $15 an hour. CNN money has had numerous articles on the area. If moving isnt an option I would follow Pipmbots plan.


Guys but she is an illegal send her back to her rightful place and have her do it the legal way. How hard was that? Problem solved. Next question.


you could marry her without telling anyone
don't entrap him but if he continues, let him
collect everything
she can be more effective if she knows she doesn't actually have to take it
apply for an annulment in 6 months and sue him
ethically, if it isn't a sham marriage to get her in the country
and she's following the process to get her own work permit
it doesn't seem wrong
is like if you steal a car because someone is chasing you to kill you

but make sure that isn't what you're being manipulated into and there is no real HR guy menacing her
could be anyone sending her texts


How will he know she's working elsewhere?

Even if she's caught, they aren't going to deport her. She'll either get a "cease and desist" letter and/or a meeting with an immigration counsellor, but she won't get deported.

Have her get another job, show her texts to this asshole's superior and get him fired. If he wants revenge, what's he going to say? "Uh hi, Canadian immigration, there's this girl I know who is working illegally. I don't know where, exactly, or for whom...but trust me on this". Believe me, they have much better things to do.


Maybe she's already doing a great job under the table. Hence, the unwanted attention from a rival suitor.


the agents at Canadian Immigration like to pick the low-hanging fruit
they absolutely will make it their business to deport college students while gang-lords wander around like its nobodies business


No, they won't...not for waiting tables at a restaurant. If they're cracking down on a factory with 50+ illegal workers, this is a different story. Overstaying your VISA is another matter as well.

(Some background: One of my best friends works for LINC and has seen more of these cases than he can count)



I think I "LOL" at the majority of your posts. Keep posting.


Put it in his butt.


Basically, she's fucked.


Don't be ridiculous. Canadian gangs are like an even gayer Westside Story.


Gather all the documentation you can manage. Build build build. If he crosses the line, confront him with the information. This is NOT a case of "mutually assured destruction". Trust me, he has MUCH more to lose than her and will be unwilling to go "all in" on this - provided you have your documentation.

Request the text records now from the cell provider and start recording phone conversations now.


I came in here to say the exact same thing...bravo


Thanks, I hadn't thought about requesting the records from the company.


Do they have Stokes Hearing/interview in Canada? if so that marriage option isnt a good one.