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Help Me Destroy 600 Finally


600 pull has evaded me for a long damn time. I strongly think had I been fresh and not had injured my shoulder earlier in the day this would not have ended the way it did but, none the less until I pull it on the platform it doesn't matter about if, or, and buts. I know my deadlift is not the greatest in the world and sure form could be tweaked. So please I am blunt and brutal on these boards and I am asking for the same don't sugarcoat it if I am messing up something tell me what it is.

575 3 whites

600 miss


Just keep pullin' man. Nothing you could do there. Maybe try and get your hips thru a little sooner, but honestly, it all looked pretty good.

Honestly I think you're right tho - being fresh and not having a hurt shoulder can make a difference. The pull looked just as good as the 575.

My training partner has been psyched out by 400 on the bench when in training even tho he hits over it regularly in meets. Its just the number in his head that beats him up, not the weight itself. I don't really know if that's your case, but sometimes a number just does that rather than the weight itself.


Lots of deficit work and just keep pullin. That's the exact advice I got from a world record holder who reviewd my pullin.


I had the same problem as you


You were so close.

I am sure that if your shoulder was feeling better you'd hit it.

Next time you'll get it for sure.


I'll throw my hat into the ring and say maybe pull with a little more frequency, though I dont know what your current programming looks like. Pulling 2x a week really helped me a lot, and pulling both sumo and conventional the same week. I also have noticed benefit from doing very heavy back extensions. That aside I think you are good for 6 easy on a good day for you, hope to see you crush it and heavier soon.


I wouldn't focus on deficits as you had no problem getting the weight off the floor. I personally think if you keep training like you have been, you will be there at the next meet anyway.


Damn, that was inch away from being locked out...you're there already. Just need to be fresh and healthy.


I agree with others that you are already there.

You have the speed off the floor to pull 650 and the only issue looks like the last couple of inches. Throw in some heavy rack pulls every couple of weeks and end each deadlift workout with a heavy barbell hold for 30 seconds. Some would also say include some heavy shrugs but personally I'm not sure they carryover much for pulling.


^^Listen to this man -he is old, which means he is wise. :slight_smile: Your speed off the floor makes that 600 weight look light.

Just a thought: Paul Carter trains with lots of deficit pulls, you should shoot him the video and ask his thoughts on that type of training wrt your deadlift (pretty sure if you tell him you're a Sam Byrd guy, he'd be more than glad to help).


Can I ask you what you attribute you speed off the floor, and for my 2 cents maybe very heavy chains, but agree with others, I cannot see deficit deads doing much


Thanks guys I guess I just figured to have pulled it so close and missed I figured there had to be something pretty off with my form but I guess sometimes being weak is your only problem lol. I just added Paul on Facebook and sent him a PM hopefully he will get back to me. Thank you all for your help.

Terry Gibbs- To be honest I wish I could tell you bit, to be honest I only train my deadlift about once a month. I am going to make it a weekly thing though based on the suggestions here maybe even twice a week. But,if I had to guess I'd say it comes from Front Squats and SSB Squats. They are about the only thing I do consistently that would attribute to the speed off the floor.

Plus, I have always been taught that the deadlift should be treated like a leg press almost I imagine the bar is the handles and instead of pulling the weight I literally press away from the floor like I am squatting. Which I imagine would give a ton of force off the floor up until my legs lock which is where I appear to run into trouble.


I find pulling against bands helpful for lockout issues.


It's not really clear to me from the video. Did you start to feel your grip slip and couldn't finish because of that or did you just get stuck not being able to finish the lift based on hips and back? Either way I'm not qualified to advise, but I'm curious.


Ed Coan seemed to like power shrugs. I am not trying to dispute what others have said, but I know that at least for the Coan/Phillipi program, they are an integral part of the workout due to the presumed carryover to lockout.

That being said, they may not work for some people.

I really think you already have 600 man. It is just a matter of doing it.


Yeah man, I was surprised that you didn't lock out that 600 lbs -- I mean, your speed off the floor is admirable. Keep hammering away at the lockout and keep posting your great meet results here! Looking forward to seeing you smash those plateaus.


I try to imagine I'm doing a leg press as well, but as soon as I pass my knees I turn it into a pelvic thrust, so I don't give the bar a chance to slow down.
Hope this makes sense.


If had been able to just lock it out I had plenty of grip left I just wound up trying to finish it so bad that I think I just forgot to keep squeezing as hard as I could. But if it would have continued going up no doubt in my mind I had enough to atleast lock it out


I hesitate to bring this up, since I have absolutely no solution to the issue, but do you think any of this is related to how long you can pull before you start blacking out? I may be seeing it wrong, but in that 600 video, I feel like if you just had a little more time you could have ground it out, but I saw your head start drooping and your knees getting a little wobbly and I wasn't sure if that was you starting to go or not.


Its a very good possibility Csulli. I saw stars on the 575 but wasn't to bad on the 600 I remember my hand opening and I woke up on the side with every one freaking out like normal lol. But I hope that's not it because there is little I know to do to fix it. I also have noticed that if I get the lift I usually don't black out. How ever if I miss the lift I black out guess from pure pressure and effort