Help Me Design My First Cycle. ;) w/ PICS (Not Stupid)

Hi T-Nation !

I’m lurking on this site for over a year now. I think that here its the best community among all bb sites, maybe only better is on haha (joke)

So guys I’m 24 I’m 185cm,95-100 kg (thats including 10-15kg of fat)
lifting for about a year.
Best lifts are like that
squats 100x1, 90x5, I can probably do more but i didn’t try.
deads 130x1, 110x5
b. press 60x5 70x1 - pathetic i know.

generally I’m training 3xweek using full body routine, and then 2 days doing extra isolation exercises.

I’m vegetarian since born so I relay on milk, eggs, soya, cottage cheese for my protein. Also I’m using ON whey protein, mulitvitam,creatine, vit c, fish oil, etc. I’m struggling to get enough protein each day but try never go under 150.

When I will start juicing I will have diet like that:
10 eggs a day (70g high quality protein)
4x double whey shakes (50mg each so, 200g)
1 cottage cheese before bed (about 50g)
2litre of low fat milk (66g)
so that is 386g
plus I will try to eat some beans, soya burgers etc (extra 50-100g)
moderate carbs and low fat.

My goal is to lose fat and gain muscle (that must have been said million times ;D)
I will train 5 times a week (mon to friday) in early morning - 7am. I have to cycle to the gym- thats 20 min of quick cycling each way, then I will lift weight for 40 min, then I will hit swimming pool (50m) for not less than 20 laps.
Actually I did that today and I’m wasted :wink: 20 min of cycling there, then squats5x5, deadlifts 100 5x5, overhead presses, and then hiting the pool for 10 laps, that was alright but cycling home in heavy rain was so hard… Just lying in bed right now hahaha but it for sure was good workout.

Now, about the gear I have:
I got 50x100mg amps of TESTOSTERONE PROLONGATUM JELFA ( enth 100mg/ml ), good hg stuff
90x 20mg nolvadex tabs
10x 1 mg: armidex (got them for free, I’m not sure if they are any good)

I was generally thinking
12 weeks of 400mg/week
10 weeks of 500mg

then pct:
2 weeks after last test shot
40 mg nolvadex for 14 days
20mg nolvadex for 2 weeks

I’m not sure how i can use the arimidex.

Do you thing that nolvadex is enough for pct. I can’t relay get any good hcg (my source only has 5000ui amps which i dont know how I can use them)

Please let me know what do you thing about this cycle.
Sorry for the lengthy post, also English is not my first language so sorry for mistakes.

Let me know what you think. I will upload photos in couple of hours.

PS. My girlfriend says Hi to you guys :wink:

If you can ride your bike home from the gym after squatting, you aren’t squatting correctly. I can barely walk to my car.

You may feel like that is me bashing you, but take a second and think about it. If your training isn’t to par, what is AAS going to do for you.

Also, if you are scared to eat dead animals, you better purchase lots and lots of whey. ON is a good choice.

I would stay away from Soy products. There is plenty of info about why if you use Google.

As far as the amount of cardio you do, I like Shugarts quote: “If you chase two rabbits, they’ll both get away.” Decide whether you want to gain size or lose fat. Although AAS may help you do both, it is still a difficult task, assisted or not.

You need more Arimidex than that on hand before you start. If you aren’t sure how to use it, you haven’t done enough research to be using AAS yet.

I would suggest 10 weeks at 500mg. That puts suppression at 12 weeks, which is the generally considered bordering for SERM recovery.

I would suggest HCG. If you don’t know how to use it, you haven’t done enoguh research to be using AAS yet.


Thanks for good reply.
Its a fair point about squats. Today I went light on them so I could cycle back home! HAHA
But you are right. Unfortunatly I have to cycle to this gym. So squats may suffer a little. But in the other hand its really nice to push your legs to the limits haha (on the way back twice I had to get of the bike and walk uphill with it haha)

BTW: I’m not scared to eat dead animals, just never did in my life! I might start eating fish. I know its very good.

I think that it is posible to lose fat while gaining muscle no bother, but I also know that test will have better effect when my bf is low. So I’m considering first to do just cardio for a month: 5 times a week of 40 min cycling and 20x50 laps, that with good diet should give me a lose of 10kg maybe. And after than running test.
btw: do you think that test directly affects fat loss ? so many different opinion on that.

Once again thanks for the reply!

[quote]brushwagg wrote:
So guys I’m 24 I’m 185cm,95-100 kg (thats including 10-15kg of fat)
lifting for about a year.
Best lifts are like that
squats 100x1, 90x5, I can probably do more but i didn’t try.
deads 130x1, 110x5
b. press 60x5 70x1 - pathetic i know.

You can’t even squat two plates and you’re thinking about juicing?

Come on, dude. You seem to have done your research, but IMO, you should wait to make more gains naturally.