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help me design a HIT program

alright guys, i know a lot about HIT. Mostly why its unsound, the name is a misnomer, etc. Well i need to enter a low volume and probably not too intense training stage because i know i am very overtrained right now. I plan on doin a HIT routine for 2-3 weeks, which should allow my body to catch up and even make gains. ANY HITers out there that can help me, i’d appreciate it.

Don’t know enough about you from your post to help. Try checking out cbass.com for information on designing a HITT program. Best of Luck.

i looked through cbass and mentzers site. THe gist i got was 50% 10rm, 75% 10rm, 10rm to absolute failure… but what would the program look like? ithink its full body twice a week. but would that entail squat bench row chin military all in one workout?

Just curious why the hell are you useing HIT? From my perspective its pretty usless unless u use it for say 2 weeks in the hypertrophy stage of a western periodization scheme.