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Help Me Critique My Routine

My current workout as follows. usually Monday - Thursday however some days I have to tweak it.
Day 1
Squat 4x10
leg extensions 4x10
leg curls 4x10
Lat pull down 4x10
cable row 4x10
cable curls 4 x15
iso curls 4 x 10

Day 2
BP 4 x 10
Butterflies 4 x10
Cable cross ( alternating between starting high and low) 4x 10
Military press 4x10
deltoid raises 4 x10
triceps push down 4 x 15
tricep extensions 4 x10

Day 3
deadlifts plus all other auxillary lifts done on day 1

Day 4 incline bp or floor press plus all other auxillary lifts done on day 2

This allows me to hit every muscle group 2 times a week. Plus also doing 20-30 min of stairmaster 3-4 times a week.

Any tips on what to add in or take out?

What’s wrong with what you have already been given?

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There’s no reason to keep trying to start a thread about your training plan when you’ve already posted it in your other thread and are getting feedback there.