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Help Me Clean and Deadlift Right


I'm a beginner, with a bit less than a year of experience with the power clean and the deadlift. A friend kindly took some video of me lifting. I'd appreciate any help regarding my technique. Especially if I'm doing something unsafe, please let me know! Sorry about the poor video quality.

First the deadlift.


And here's the power clean. What I can see is that I don't have a proper second pull, the lift is too even.

The power clean weight is 70 kg (155 lbs.) out of a max of 85 kg (177 lbs.), and the deadlift is 130 kg (286 lbs.) out of a max of 150 kg (330 lbs.), so I think they're about close enough to a max lift to show my technique at its worst. :slight_smile:


Well first,your form is pretty tight already, good job!

-Your whole movement is pretty slow, yet there doesn't seem to be a lot of weight, do you always pull slow or is this just for the video?
-As the bar clears your knees, really think of humping the bar with your thighs/hips and squeezing your glutes as hard as possible (this one is mainly just a reminder, it's hard to see on the video)
-On the way down the bar travels too far forward, which might feel a bit awkward to you. Think of pushing your butt back first, almost like a Romanian deadlift, and then when the bar clears your knees, bend you knees until the bar touches the floor.


Thanks for the comments and the encouragement! I'll be sure to try to thrust myself at the bar next time I lift. I guess I was going slow on the video to avoid any extra sloppiness - I've had a tendency to raise my hips first before the bar and sometimes let my knees turn inwards (which is why my feet aren't pointed straight ahead, but opened a little). Then again, that's 86% of my 1RM, and shot after the power cleaning and a thorough warm-up for the deads, so my explosiveness was a bit in short supply already. I'll also look into the lowering portion. That's well spotted, thanks!


I see you've already spotted (and corrected!) some mistakes (hip raising first) and that's good that's how you will progress! Keep it up!