Help me Choosing a Workout Program

Hi guys,

First of all I want to introduce myself as a new member of T-Nation :smiley:
I have been training for almost 14 months now , more less successfull I guess.
I in the first 6 months I really made the best gains, however once i’ve started I was REALLY skinny. I benched something like 60 pounds , squat and DL was something about 100 pounds.
I could raise my bench to 120 pounds , squat and DL to nearly almost 200 pounds.
After the 6 months things really went well. I had to make some breaks, neglected proper nutrition and chose ridicilous workout routines. As a matter of fact my strength decreased , but now , in 2012, I want to start over again :slight_smile:
At the moment I bench about 110 pounds , deadlift is 230 and squat only 150. Keep in mind that this is not 1RM, I am able to lift these weights approximately 6 times. Anyway I cannot be happy with my progress overall. However there are some things i’ve learned :
how to eat properly, good technique in the compound lifts and concistency is very important.

My initial question is which routine should I choose ? In the stickies are mostly TTB recommended and on some other threads people recommend the routines from ( I dont remember his nickname , but the thread title was something like : Pick this Routine instead of this bad routine ; I think you know whom I mean ).
I want to add that I have plenty of times at the moment, so time doent really play a role.
What do you think if you keep my progress, if you can even call it progress, and available time in mind ?

kind regards

There is no Magic routine. The key to progress is consistency & intensity in the weight room & the kitchen.

Just pick a routine, hit it hard, eat enough, rest enough and you’ll be alright.

Yeah but does it really not matter if a pick a 3 or even 4 day routine ( since I’ve got plenty of time ) or a TTB 3 times a week ?

Dude, you want muscle? then go to the gym 5-6 times a day, do one body-part each day for 3-5 exercises each and reps between 2-30 depending on the movement or whatever.

Progress, feel the muscle group that you are suppose to be working on that day actually working and not just lifting a weight from point A to B.
Eat a lot of protein and good carbs, sleep well and repeat week in week out, month after month, year after year. If you’re intense in the gym and feel like you aren’t growing, up the food.

Okay thanks for the reply.
To be honest I am from Germany and, believer it or not , everyone would recommend me to do either a total body split or a 2 day split. They would never tell me to do a 4 or 5 day split. Thats why I am asking , I am kind of indecisive

As a fairly new bloke I’d go with a upper push/upper pull/lower(squat or dead) with a day rest in between. So it’d be mon/wed/fri/sun/tue/thu/sat repeat. If you have no worries about going on weekends which I don’t.

Keep gaining strength, and once your numbers are half decent - so 1.5BW on squats and deads, and maybe BW on bench then look at doing a more typical BB split.

Thats what I wish I did when I started instead of being a dip shit, half ass training, skipping legs, not eating properly, trying to keep my weight down, being lazy etc etc etc!

Try something like a upper lower split. More frequency, probably better for newer lifters. Realy, as long as your lifting hard, and eating lots, it probably doesn’t matter.